The Country Teasers

Country Teasers were one of the most vital, trashy, genius groups of taste-boundary pushers in the UK. Along with The Yummy Fur and Male Nurse, they epitomised that period in the late nineties when everything was fair game for critique and they had a damn fine time doing it.

Finally, the Country Teasers's back catalogue is beginning to be reissued and reappraised.

Toe Rag Sessions:
14 cuts from their first recording studio sessions of Sept 2-4 1994. Originally the band recorded 23 songs but in October 1994 Ben fired the drummer and decided to re-mix everything.
Dec 1994: Ben erases the drum track and re-drums it himself. Ben decides to jettison most of the songs and suggests 10 cuts for the debut so we decide on a 10” (See: Crypt-060 10” - Country Teasers “Pastoral / S/T”, also reissued.)
And here they are at last: the 13 tracks cut at Toe Rag that didn’t make it onto the Pastoral 10”, PLUS the original version of “Black Cloud Wandering”.
In a sumptuous gatefold containing ancient pre-interWeb communication forms (letters, faxes, etc). It would have made a damned great debut album in 1994. It IS a damned great album in 2019 (and forever!)

Satan Is Real Again:
A rather deluxe reissue of this classic (as considered now) 2nd LP by Edinburgh/London combo Country Teasers, featuring tons of info on just how this LP came to be, plus the rather fucked-up story of a wee label flailing against the corrupt/inept accounting by Atlantic Records. Gatefold sleeve plus printed inner sleeve. And, most importantly: a READABLE sized BAND NAME upon a sticker attached to the shrink-wrap!
Perhaps best is to quote directly from the original 1996 one-sheet (including original fonts!):
Yes, my friends; A new 14-cut album from London´s finest, no doubt to cost Crypt more "garage/punk cred" within the ranks of those "hip". Well, believe me, I just spent 24 hours going thru a stack of over 200 demos from half-assed newly "hep" "garage" and "punk" bands and the Teasers cut a bold swath through alla these nouveau Caesars or D Dogs attempters, never mind alla these pissant surf/lo-fi/"trash" punkers with absolutely no fucking SUBSTANCE or originality. I will admit that the Teasers AIN´T yer "typical" Crypt "sound"; Hell, they almost fit in and could even appeal to "garage" hating "indie rock" types.

Pastoral - Not Rustic:
At last a repress of their 10 song 10” debut album that Crypt released in March 1995.
From their first recording studio sessions of Sept 2-4 1994 at Toe Rag, London.