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Polvo's Cor-crane Secret and Today's Active Lifestyles back in print.

Hands down the best thing about working in a record shop is hanging with your mates, chatting about records that mean the world to us. We're silly excited for Merge Records' reissues of the classic first two Polvo albums.

Cor-crane Secret and Today's Active Lifestyles were both outliers in the "alternative rock" scene and weirdly ensconced in it. Certainly Cor-crane Secret still held vestiges of its fuzzy, North American indie-rock lineage while still infecting the sound with enough sonic perversion to suggest a new path for the form. Today's Active Lifestyles blew that template, and much rock hubris, to shreds. A murky, inspired mix of far eastern microtonal music transposed to guitar, post-hardcore aggression filtered through some beautifully melancholic songwriting and obtuse time signatures that feel as natural as breathing. One of the most stand-out qualities of this music is the egalitarian nature of the mix, how all these influences are the language the musicians are speaking, but having a beautiful conversation where no one is dominant.

There are so many moments on both records that sparkle with an effortless poignancy. The duelling guitars are slackjaw loose, like rubber bands strung semi-taut across an SG yet relentlessly hooky. Perhaps no other band really had the skill of making avant garde guitar music sound so much like power pop. With a bunch of new groups on both sides of the Atlantic taking inspiration from the early 90s pioneers of "post-rock," it's fitting that today's active lifestyles get a lesson from the polite originators of the sound.