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UK Exclusive: The everygreen Yo La Tengo

Without a doubt, one of the groups central to our identity and personal record collections are the Hoboken, New Jersey group Yo La Tengo. This might take in personal friendships but we're also massive, massive fans of the band and are honoured to have a long association with them that stretches back to our beginnings as a shop.

Yo La Tengo's official album releases only ever tell a portion of the story. As a trio of musicians they are ceaselessly creative, always experimenting and playing. Theirs is a creativity that's meant the band is always changing and restless while always nailing that sweetspot between abstract musicianship and songwriting. Their official albums are often augmented by limited releases that document the group's improvisations, soundtracks, covers and explorations they make as a collective. We're extremely proud to be stocking a new selection of these limited, private press / Yo La Tengo-released titles that document the intersection between day job and night time Yo La Tengo. Some of these titles push the boat out sonically, some sound very much like the Yo La Tengo we know and love, but they're all worth exploring. We wouldn't have them any other way.

Yo La Tengo provided us with such great write ups of these titles we'll let them describe them in their own words.