Covid-19 update

Monorail Music is now open Mon-Sat 11am-7pm and on Sunday 12-7pm. We're continuing to follow social distancing rules in accordance with government guidelines. Please continue to wear a face covering where possible.

Thanks for all your support!

Record Store Day Drop 1

Happy Record Store Day!

It's been a lovely day down on King's Court. Although we've not had live music or DJs or anything, Record Store Day's Drop 1 has still been full of good people, good records and good vibes. We're always blown away by how nice our customers are so we're happy to report that most people seem to have got what they were after.

All that being said, we have good quantities left of some of the most in demand titles so without further ado, we can now announce that our Record Store Day leftovers are now on sale online! The whole section is here.

Or for a quick browse, there's some titles listed below with direct buy links. We hope you've had a great day, wherever you are and however you spent.

Bests from the Monorail team