Our Record Store Day List, 2018

Here's our Record Store Day List, 2018.

Important Note:
Releases with a price next to them are in the shop and will be on sale.

Releases with NO price next to them are on order and we expect them to be on sale on Record Store Day but they haven't arrived as yet.

RECORD STORE DAY 2018 at Monorail Music

ABBA - Summer Night City 7” (UMC) [ltd to 500]
AC/DC - Back In Black cassette (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 500 for UK]
AIR - Sexy Boy 12” picture disc (PLG France) [ltd to 1000 for UK] £19.99
ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND - Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 4xLP (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 500, first time on vinyl, early live recording]
ALTERNATIVE TV - Dark Places 12” EP (Fourth Dimension)
AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS - The Isness (Abbey Road Cut) LP (Jumpin & Pumpin) [ltd to 1000] £21.99
ARCADE FIRE - s/t 12” (Legacy / Sony) [blue vinyl, ltd to 300 for UK, first time on vinyl]
ARMSTRONG, TIM (Rancid) - A Poets Life LP (Hellcat) [white vinyl, ltd to 500 for UK, first time on vinyl] £19.99
ATTAR, SIBILLE - Paloma’s Hand 12” EP (PNKSLM)
AXELROD, DAVID - Songs Of Innocence LP (Now-Again)
BACKYARD BABIES - Total 13 LP picture disc (Universal Sweden) £24.99
BARNETT, COURTNEY - City Looks Pretty b/w Sunday Roast 12” (Marathon Artists) £11.99
BARRY GRAY ORCHESTRA - No Strings Attached: TV Themes 10” (Pye) [ltd to 1000 for UK] £24.99
BASS COMMUNION (Steven Wilson) - s/t 2xLP (Hidden Art) [remastered, new art, includes track not on CD version] £24.99
BATTERIES (bIS members) - Last Shop Standing b/w instrumental 7”+downloadable documentary (Do Yourself In) £8.99
BEGINNING OF THE END, THE - Fishman (full-length version) b/w Funky Nassau (full-length version) / Fishman (original 45 version) 12” (Strut)
BELL, CHRIS - I Am The Cosmos b/w You & Your Sister 7” (Omnivore) [ltd to 300 for UK]
BELLY - Feel 10” EP (Belly Touring) [splatter vinyl, 4 track EP including 2 unreleased songs and 2 from the forthcoming LP] £11.99
BIBIO - Zen Drums 12” (Warp) [one-off handpainted sleeve, ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland] £13.99
BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE II - On the Road: Live ’92 LP (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 500 for UK, first time on vinyl]
BLANCK MASS - Odd Scene b/w Shit Luck 12” (Sacred Bones)
BOLAN, MARC & T.REX - The Final Cuts LP picture disc (Demon) [first time on vinyl] £24.99
BONE, RICHARD - Brave Tales LP (Medical Records) [first time reissued, NYC electronic classic from 1983] £31.99
BOWIE, DAVID - s/t 2xLP (UMC) [red & blue vinyl, ltd to 1440, mono and stereo versions] £29.99
BOWIE, DAVID - Let’s Dance Demo 12” (PLG UK) [yellow vinyl, ltd to 5000 for UK] £14.99
BOWIE, DAVID - Now LP (PLG UK) [white vinyl, ltd to 5000 for UK, first commercial release of 1977 USA only compilation] £19.99
BOWIE, DAVID - Welcome To The Blackout 3xLP (PLG UK) [previously unreleased concert from Earls Court 1978] £32.99
BOYS, THE - s/t LP (Call Of The Void) [ltd to 1000, ‘vomit splatter’ vinyl] £24.99
BRIGGS, ANNE - Sing A Song For You LP (Weatherbox) [white vinyl] £16.99
BUCKLEY, JEFF - Live at Sin E 4xLP (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 1000, first time on vinyl]
BUGG, JAKE - A.L.C.O.H.O.L. 7” (Soul Kitchens) [ltd to 1000, live acoustic covers]
BURDON, ERIC & THE ANIMALS - Nights In San Francisco LP (Rhythm & Blues) £19.99
BURGESS, TIM - As I Was Now LP (O Genesis) [Tim’s band features Ladyhawke, Josh Hayward of Horrors, Martin Duffy of Primal Scream, Debbie Googe of My Bloody Valentine & Steffan Halperin of The Chavs / Klaxons]
CAMPBELL, PHIL & THE BASTARD SONS (Motorhead) - Silver Machine 7” (Nuclear Blast) [ltd to 500 for UK, Lemmy tribute]
CAR SEAT HEADREST - Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror) 2xLP (Matador) [ltd to 1500 for UK / Ireland, first time on vinyl for the original version of this album] £26.99
CARLISLE, BELINDA - Wilder Shores LP+7” (Demon) [yoga mantras] £25.99
CARTER THE UNSTOPPABLE SEX MACHINE - 101 Damnations LP (Big Cat) [black splatter on white vinyl, first time on vinyl since 1990] £17.99
CASH, JOHNNY - At Folsom Prison 4xLP+10” (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 1000, two concerts plus rehearsal recordings]
CASH, JOHNNY - I Love You Because (un-overdubbed take 1) b/w You’re The Nearest Thing To Heaven 7” (Charly) £8.99
CELTIC FROST - Tragic Serenades 12” picture disc EP (Noise) [ltd to 500 for UK] £20.99
CLAPTON, ERIC - Rush OST LP (Warners) [ltd to 300] £19.99
CLARK, MARY - Take Me I’m Your’s b/w You Got Your Hold On Me 7” (Soul Brother) [ltd to 1000 hand-numbered copies] £11.99
COATES, OLIVER - John Luther Adam’s Canticles Of The Sky LP (RVNG)
COOMBES, GAZ - The Oaks b/w The Oaks (Leftfield Remix) 12” (Caroline) [ltd to 550]
COSTELLO, ELVIS - Someone Else’s Heart b/w instrumental 7” (Yep Roc) [ltd to 4000] £8.99
COURTEENERS - St Jude LP (UMC) [red vinyl, ltd to 1750]
CREATION REBEL - Dub From Creation LP (On U Sound) [clear vinyl] £19.99
CRUCIFIX - Nineteen Eighty-Four LP (Kustomized)
CRUCIFIX - s/t LP (Kustomized)
CUBY & BLIZZARDS - L.S.D. 7” (Music on Vinyl) [white vinyl, ltd to 1000, Dutch garage rarity] £10.99
CURE, THE - Mixed Up Deluxe Edition 2xLP picture disc (UMC) [ltd to 1600, remastered by Robert Smith] £29.99
CURE, THE - Torn Down 2xLP picture disc (UMC) [ltd to 1600, 16 new mixes by Robert Smith, first time on vinyl] £29.99
CYMANDE - Promised Heights LP (Mr Bongo) £21.99
CYMANDE - Second Time Around LP (Mr Bongo) £21.99
CYPRESS HILL - Black Sunday Remixes LP (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 500, previously unreleased remixes]
DAUGHTER - Music From Before the Storm 2xLP (4AD) [ltd to 2000 for UK / Ireland] £26.99
DAVIS, MILES - Rubberband 12” (Rhino) [ltd to 500 for UK, lost 1985 recording] £12.99
DEF LEPPARD - Live From Abbey Road 12” (UMC) [ltd to 1000]
DEMARCO, MAC - Old Dog Demos LP (Captured Tracks) [yellow vinyl]
DEMARCO, MAC & SHAMIR - Beat Happening Covers: Indian Summer b/w Run Down The Stairs 7” (Bayonet) £8.99
DEMON FUZZ - I Put a Spell on You 7” EP (Music on Vinyl) [silver vinyl, ltd to 750 for UK] £10.99
DEMUS, CHAKA & PLIERS - Tease Me 12” (UMC) [yellow vinyl, ltd to 600]
DENNY, SANDY - Like An Old Fashioned Waltz LP (UMC) [clear vinyl, ltd to 750] £22.99
DESCENDANTS - Who We Are 7” (Epitaph) [ltd to 500 for UK, first time on vinyl with 2 previously unreleased tracks on the b-side] £7.99
DIRTY THREE - Whatever You Love, You Are 2xLP (Bella Union) [gold vinyl, ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland] £23.99
DJANGO DJANGO - In Your Beat (remixes & instrumental) 12” (Because) [ltd to 400]
DJAVAN - A Voz, O Violao, A Musica De…LP (Vinilissimo) [1976 MPB Brazilian milestone] £22.99
DMX - X Gon’ Give It To Ya 12” (UMC) [red vinyl, ltd to 500]
DOORS, THE - The Matrix Part II LP (Rhino Elektra) [ltd to 500 for UK] £19.99
DOYLE, THOMAS ANDREW - Incineration Ceremony LP (Sub Pop) [classical composition from TAD frontman] £23.99
DREAM SYNDICATE, THE - How We Found Ourselves…Everywhere 12” (Anti) [ltd to 500 for UK, previously unreleased studio outtakes & live] £12.99
DUKE REID ALL STARS / ROLAND ALPHONSO - Judge Sympathy b/w Never To Be Mine 7” (Trojan / BMG) [orange vinyl, ltd to 1000 for UK] £10.99
DURAN DURAN - Duran Duran Budokan 2017 LP (Warner Brothers) [ltd to 500 for UK] £24.99
DURUTTI COLUMN, THE - Another Setting 2xLP (Factory Benelux) [ltd to 800, remaster plus unreleased 1983 live show] £23.99
DURY, BAXTER - Miami (Parrot & Cocker remix) 12” (Heavenly) [white vinyl, ltd to 1000 in the UK / Ireland, Jarvis Cocker remix] £14.99
DYLAN, BOB - Masters of War (reworking by The Avener) 7” (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 1500 in the UK]
DYLAN, BOB & THE GRATEFUL DEAD - Dylan & the Dead LP (Legacy / Sony) [red & blue vinyl, ltd to 1000 in the UK]
EEK-A-MOUSE - Ganja Smuggling 7” (Greensleeves) [ltd to 1000 for UK] £8.99
ELECTRIC WIZARD - Wizard Bloody Wizard LP (Spinefarm) [red splatter on white vinyl, ltd to 450]
ELLIS, STEVE - Everlasting Love b/w Lonely No More 7” (CMG) [gold vinyl, ltd to 500, a-side is a re-recording, b-side ft. Paul Weller]
END, THE - Introspection / Retrospection LP (Demon) [Bill Wyman-produced psych classic, paired with studio outtakes] £24.99
ENO, BRIAN WITH KEVIN SHIELDS - The Weight of History 12” (Opal) [ltd to 900 for UK / Ireland] £14.99
ERASURE - The Two-Ring Circus 2xLP (Mute) [yellow vinyl, ltd to 500 for UK] £28.99
ESG - Come Away With ESG LP (Fire) [orange vinyl, ltd to 1000, new art] £19.99
EURYTHMICS - 1984 LP (UMC) [coloured vinyl, ltd to 750]
FIRST AID KIT - You Are the Problem Here 7” (Columbia) [ltd to 1000]
FLAMIN’ GROOVIES - Grease 2xLP (Jungle Records) [violet vinyl, singles and EP sessions between 1973 & 1981] £19.99
FLEET FOXES - Crack Up (Choral Version) b/w In The Morning (live) 7” (Nonesuch) [ltd to 1000 for UK] £10.99
FLEETWOOD MAC - Tango In The Night Alternative LP (Rhino) [ltd to 1000 for UK, alternate takes of every track] £19.99
FLORENCE & THE MACHINE - Sky Full Of Song b/w A New York Poem (For Polly) 7” (Virgin) [clear with white splatter vinyl, embossed packaging] £17.99
FOSTER, JOSEPHINE - A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing LP (Fire) [ltd to 1000, remastered, reworked art] £19.99
FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - The First 48 Inches Of…4x12” (ZTT) [ltd to 1000 for UK] £39.99
FRASER, THOMAS - Long Gone Lonesome Blues LP (Nel) £18.99
FRICKE, FLORIAN (Popol Vuh) - Spielt Mozart 2xLP (One Way Static) [ltd to 1000] £36.99
FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON, THE - My Kingdom LP (Jumpin & Pumpin) [ltd to 2000] £21.99
FUZZTONES - Braindrops LP+7” (Easy Action) [coloured vinyl, three bonus tracks]
GAINSBOURG, CHARLOTTE - Remixes 12” (Because) [ltd to 500]
GAINSBOURG, SERGE - Le Pacha OST LP (Wewantsounds) [first ever LP release] £24.99
GALLAGHER, NOEL’S HIGH FLYING BIRDS - It’s A Beautiful World (Andrew Weatherall & Mike Pickering / Graeme Park mixes) 12” (Sour Mash / Ignition) [colour vinyl, ltd to 3225 for UK] £11.99
GALLAGHER, RORY - The French Connection LP (UMC) [ltd to 750] £19.99
GAYE, MARVIN - Let’s Get It On LP (UMC) [red vinyl, ltd to 750] £22.99
GAYE, MARVIN - Sexual Healing: The Remixes LP (Legacy / Sony) [red smoke vinyl, ltd to 1000]
GAYNOR, GLORIA - I Will Survive b/w Substitute 12” (UMC) [ltd to 700, full versions]
GENTRY, BOBBIE - Live at the BBC LP (UMC) [ltd to 750, never before released]
GIRLS NAMES - Primitive Desire LP (Tough Love) £19.99
GOAT - Double Date OST 10” (Rocket Recordings) [‘pool of blood’ coloured vinyl] £14.99
GOD’S CHILDREN - Music Is The Answer: The Complete Collection LP (Minky) [1971 Latino rock ft. Wrecking Crew]
GOERL, ROBERT (DAF) - The Paris Tapes LP (Groenland) [ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland] £22.99
GOGO PENGUIN - V2.0 LP (Gondwana) [deluxe edition with 3 bonus tracks]
GOLDIE - Goldie Presents 25 Years Of Goldie, Unreleased & Remastered 3xLP (Metalheadz)
GORMLEY, ANTONY - Sounds of the Studio LP (Gearbox) [ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland] £24.99
GRANDADDY - Practise ’97 LP (Friendship Fever) [8 unreleased recordings from a 1997 band practice]
GRATEFUL DEAD - Fillmore West, San Francisco 4xLP (Rhino) [ltd to 300 for UK, side 8 etched] £54.99
GROUNDHOGS, THE - Scratching The Surface LP (Fire) [ltd to 1000, remastered] £19.99
HALEY (FKA Haley Bonar) - Bratt b/w My Wave 7” (Memphis Industries) [red vinyl, ltd to 750] £6.99
HAMMOND JR, ALBERT - Etchings 10” (Red Bull) [2 tracks on side A, side B is etched] £10.99
HAWLEY, RICHARD - Funny Cow b/w A Little Bit More 7” (Laughing Girl) £10.99
HAWKWIND - Dark Matter 2xLP (PLG) [ltd for 750 for UK, tracks taken from the Parallel Universe 3xCD, first time on vinyl] £24.99
HAWKWIND - Levitation 3xLP (Atomhenge) [ltd to 2000, includes entire concert at Lewisham Odeon 1980 & replica tour programme] £37.99
HAYSEED DIXIE - It Happened So Grass! Live In Scotland 2xLP (Hayseed Dixie) £24.99
HEAD, JOWE - Pincer Movement LP (Easy Action) [ltd to 500] £18.99
HEADS - Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere 2xLP (Rooster) [ltd to 500 for UK, clear blue vinyl] £23.99
HEDLEY, JOSHUA - Broken Man b/w Singin’ A New Song 7” (Third Man) [coloured vinyl] £11.99
HENDRIX, JIMI - Mannish Boy b/w Trash Man 7” (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 750]
HEYWARD, NICK - Stars 10” (Gladsome Hawk) [ltd to 1000]
HI-FI SEAN & DAVID MCALMONT - Transparent b/w part two 7” (Plastique)
HIGH, THE - Say it Now 12” (Vinyl Revival) [ltd to 500] £10.99
HITCHCOCK, ROBYN - …And His LA Squires 7” EP (Yep Roc) £9.99
HOWARD, ROLAND S. - Autoluminescent 7” (Easy Action) £8.99
HUMAN LEAGUE, THE - Secrets 2xLP (Demon) [white vinyl] £25.99
ISBELL, JASON & THE 400 UNIT - Live from Twist & Shout 11.16.07 12” (New West) [ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland] £16.99
J DILLA - Rough Draft The Dilla Mix 2xLP (Pay Jay) [recently discovered, Dilla’s own mixes + bonus material]
JACKSON, GORDON - Thinking Back LP+7” (Sunbeam) [ltd to 500 for UK, lost prog-psych classic backed by whole of TRAFFIC & ft. members of Blossom Toes, The Action & Family] £24.99
JANSCH, BERT - L.A. Turnaround LP+CD (Earth Recordings) £19.99
JANSCH, BERT - A Rare Conundrum LP+CD (Earth Recordings) £19.99
JANSCH, BERT - Santa Barbara Honeymoon LP+CD (Earth Recordings) £19.99
JESUS JONES VS. APHEX TWIN & THE PRODIGY - Zeroes & Ones 12” (Razor & Tie) [clear vinyl, ltd to 500 for UK]
JETHRO TULL - Moths 10” EP (PLG) [ltd to 750 for UK, 6 track MLP] £14.99
JOBRIATH - s/t LP (Music on Vinyl, pink vinyl, ltd to 750 for UK] £21.99
JOHN, ELTON VS. PNAU - Good Morning to the Night LP (UMC) [clear vinyl, ltd to 550, remix album originally released in 2012] £22.99
JONSI & ALEX (Sigur Ros) - All Animals 12” [XL, ltd to 500] £21.99
JONSON, MARC - Years LP+7” (Munster) [1972 psych folk / baroque pop rarity] £23.99
KALEIDOSCOPE (UK) - Faintly Blowing (alternative unreleased version) b/w Jump In My Boat (unreleased) 7” (Kaleidoscope)
KILLING JOKE - Absolute Dissent 2xLP (Spinefarm) [transparent yellow vinyl with poster, ltd to 500, remastered rarity] £25.99
KINGSLAND, PADDY - The Changes 2xLP (Silva Screen) [ltd to 500, BBC Radiophonic Workshop] £26.99
KINGSLEY, GERSHON & THE MOOG - Pop Corn 12” (Charly) [‘popcorn yellow’ vinyl] £13.99
KIWANUKA, MICHAEL - Out Loud! 12” (Polydor) [5-track live EP, 43 minutes long, ltd to 3000]
KREATOR - Behind The Mirror 12” picture disc EP (Noise) [ltd to 500 for UK] £20.99
KWELLER, BEN - Sha Sha LP (ATO) [white vinyl, ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland] £24.99
L7 - Fast & Frightening 2xLP (Easy Action) [ltd to 700, remastered] £24.99
LARAAJI - Sun Transformations LP (All Saints) [ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland, remixes & edits] £19.99
LED ZEPPELIN - Rock And Roll (Sunset Sound Mix) b/w Friends (Olympic Studios Mix) 7” (Rhino) [yellow vinyl, ltd to 5000] £10.99
LEE, ARTHUR & LOVE - Coming Through To You 2xLP (Wienerworld) [red vinyl, rare live recordings 1970 - 2004] £39.99
LEMONHEADS, THE - Favourite Spanish Dishes 12” EP (Fire) [pink vinyl, ltd to 1500] £18.99
LIMINANAS, THE - Dimanche b/w Two Sisters 7” (Because) [ltd to 400, b-side feat. Anton Newcombe on vocals]
LIMINANAS, THE - Remixes 12” (Because) [ltd to 400]
LINKIN PARK - One More Light Live 2xLP (Warners) [gold vinyl, ltd to 750 for UK, first time on vinyl] £28.99
LOS LOBOS VS THE SHINS - The Fear LP (Third Man) [clear vinyl with pink wisps] £16.99
LOVELY EGGS, THE - This Is Eggland RSD Edition LP (Egg) [white ‘fried egg’ vinyl] £19.99
LULU - Heaven & Earth & The Stars LP+7” picture disc (Demon) £24.99
LURKERS, THE - Fulham Fallout LP (Beggars) [orange vinyl, ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland] £21.99
MACCABEES, THE - Wall Of Arms LP picture disc (Fiction) [ltd to 750]
MADNESS - I Do Like To B-Side The A-Side LP (USM) [ltd to 1000 for UK, b-sides from first 11 singles] £24.99
MADONNA - The First Album LP picture disc with obi strip (Rhino) [replica of rare 1983 Japanese release] £24.99
MADONNA - You Can Dance 12” EP (Rhino) [red vinyl, ltd to 2000 for UK, 7 track EP, replica of rare Venezuelan pressing with alternative mix] £17.99
MANSUN - Wide Open Space LP [white vinyl, compiles tracks from CD1 & CD2 of 1996’s Four EP, first time on vinyl] £13.99
MARTIN, GEORGE - Beatles to Bond & Bach LP (Music on Vinyl) [blue vinyl, ltd to 750] £19.99
MARTYN, BEVERLEY - Where the Good Times Are LP (Bug / Fly) [ltd to 500, some randomly supplied colour vinyl] £19.99
MASTODON - Emperor Of Sand LP picture disc (Reprise) [ltd to 2000 for UK] £28.99
MAYTONES, THE - Only Your Picture LP+12” (Burning Sounds) £19.99
MC5 - I Can Only Give You Everything b/w I Just Don’t Know 7” (Sundazed)
MC5 - Looking At You b/w Borderline 7” (Sundazed)
MEKONS, THE - Never Been In A Riot 7” (Superior Viaduct) [clear vinyl] £11.99
MEKONS, THE - Where Were You b/w I’ll Have To Dance Then (On My Own) 7” (Superior Viaduct) [yellow vinyl] £11.99
MEMBERS, THE - Greatest Hits: All The Singles LP (Anglocentric) [clear vinyl] £21.99
MIGUEL - War & Leisure 2xLP (RCA) [ltd to 500, first time on vinyl]
MITTOO, JACKIE - Showcase 7” EP (VP / 17 North Parade) [ltd to 500 for UK, 4 track 7” pressed at 33 rpm] £7.99
MOGWAI - Ten Rapid LP (Rock Action) [white vinyl, ltd to 2000 for UK / Ireland] £21.99
MOHAWKS, THE - The Champ 7” (Music on Vinyl) [gold vinyl, ltd to 1250] £10.99
MONK, THELONIOUS - Nutty 7” (Gearbox) [ltd to 700 for UK] £12.99
MORBID ANGEL - Kingdoms Disdained LP picture disc (Silver Lining) [ltd to 500 for UK]
MORBY, KEVIN & WAXAHATCHEE - Farewell Transmission 7” (Dead Oceans) [ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland, Jason Molina covers] £6.99
MORRICONE, ENNIO - Autopsy OST 2xLP (Arrow) [translucent orange marbled vinyl, first time on vinyl] £32.99
MORRICONE, ENNIO - Drammi Gotici OST LP (Rustblade) [white vinyl] £28.99
MORRISON, VAN - Alternate Moon Dance LP (Rhino) [ltd to 750, alternate versions & takes of each track]
MORRISON, VAN & JOEY DEFRANCESCO - Close Enough for Jazz b/w Things i Used To Do 7” (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 500]
MOTORHEAD - Death or Glory LP (Vinyl Passion) [silver vinyl, ltd to 500] £16.99
MOTORHEAD - Heroes b/w ‘Wacken Hymn’ 7” picture disc (Motorhead Music / Silver Lining) [ltd to 750 for UK]
NAS - Illmatic: Live From The Kennedy Center 2xLP (Mass Appeal) [gatefold, includes 2-sided poster & orchestral sheet music] £29.99
NATIONAL, THE - Boxer: Live in Brussels LP (Matador) [mirrorboard sleeve, ltd to 1500 for UK / Ireland] £26.99
NAZZ - Fungo Bats Acetates 2xLP (Wienerworld) [previously unreleased tracks] £39.99
NICO - I’m Not Saying b/w The Last Mile 7” (Immediate) [ltd to 500] £9.99
NILSSON, MOLLY - These Things Take Time 2xLP (Night School) [clear vinyl] £23.99
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. - Juicy 12” (Bad Boy) [black / clear marbled vinyl. ltd to 500 for UK] £14.99
OCEAN COLOUR SCENE - Marchin’ Already 2xLP (UMC) [green vinyl, ltd to 1600] £29.99
OPEN MIND, THE - s/t LP + bonus 7” EP & A3 poster (Sunbeam) [500 copies for the UK] £24.99
OTOBOKE BEAVER - Okoshiyasu!! LP (Damnably) [pink vinyl] £19.99
OUR BROKEN GARDEN - When Your Blackening Shows LP (Bella Union) [white vinyl, ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland, first time on vinyl]
PARQUET COURTS - Mardi Gras Beads 7” (Rough Trade) [ltd to 900 for UK / Ireland] £7.99
PERE UBU - Terminal Tower LP (Call Of The Void) [ltd to 1000, 11 track early singles comp] £19.99
PERHACS, LINDA - I’m A Harmony 2xLP (Omnivore) [ltd to 300 for UK, double disc set with 4 additional tracks, half of all copies autographed]
PHOENIX - Monologue 1-sided heart-shaped vinyl (Atlantic) [red vinyl, ltd to 750 for UK] £17.99
PICTISH TRAIL - Future Echoes 2xLP (Fire) [ltd to 1000] [‘cosmic’ coloured vinyl, ltd to 1000, double vinyl includes LP of extras] £29.99
PINK FLOYD - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn LP (Pink Floyd Music) [ltd to 5000 for UK, unreleased mono mix in special envelope gold sleeve] £28.99
PLUSH - Fed LP (Be With) [first time on vinyl]
POLICE, THE - Roxanne b/w Peanuts 7” picture disc (UMC) [ltd to 750]
POLWART, KARINE WITH PIPPA MURPHY - A Pocket Of Wind Resistance 2xLP (Hudson) [first time on vinyl] £22.99
PONTIAC, THE LEGENDARY MARVIN (aka Anton Fier) - Greatest Hits LP (Northern Spy) [‘posthumous best of’ from fictional African-Jewish blues artist] £23.99
POPOL VUH - Messa Di Orfeo LP (One Way Static) [coloured vinyl, ltd to 1000] £31.99
PRESLEY, ELVIS - The King in The Ring 2xLP (Legacy / Sony) [opaque red vinyl, ltd to 1000, first time on vinyl]
PRINCE - 1999 (European version) LP (Rhino) [ltd to 2000] £19.99
PRODIGY (Mobb Deep) - Keep It Thoro (remixes and a capella versions) 12” picture disc (Legacy / Sony)
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD - Live At Brixton Academy 1986 2xLP (UMC) [first time on vinyl, ltd to 800] £26.99
PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING - People Will Always Need Coal 12” (Play It Again Sam) [ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland] £13.99
Q’65 - Kjoe Blues 7” (Music on Vinyl) [yellow vinyl, ltd to 500, mono playback] £10.99
QUEERS, THE / CHRIS BARROWS BAND - Beat Your Heart Out / Everything’s OK b/w Lime Green / Servitude 7” (Wienerworld) £8.99
RAG ’N’ BONE MAN - Don’t Set The World On Fire (live) b/w George Has Got A Friend (live) 12” (Sony) [coloured vinyl, ltd to 1500]
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - Democratic National Convention 2000 LP (Legacy/Sony) [ltd to 750, first time on vinyl]
RAMONES - Sundragon Sessions LP (Rhino) [ltd to 2000, early mixes from Leave Home, previously released on vinyl] £19.99
RAY, GEMMA - The Leader LP (Bronze Rat) [lucky-dip coloured vinyl, ltd to 500]
REED, LOU - Animal Serenade (live 2003) 3xLP [Rhino] [ltd to 750 for UK] £32.99
RESIDENTS, THE - The W***** B*** Album LP (New Ralph) £23.99
RICHTER, MAX - The Blue Notebooks: 15 Years 2xLP (DC) [blue vinyl, ltd to 1000, album + bonus tracks & remixes] £32.99
RIDE - Waking Up In Another Town (remixes) 2xLP (Wichita) [ltd to 1000 for UK / Ireland] £28.99
ROB BASE & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two 12” (Legacy / Sony) [opaque red vinyl, ltd to 500]
ROLLING STONES, THE - Their Satanic Majesties Request LP (UMC) [colour vinyl, 3D sleeve, ltd to 2500]
ROSSEN, DANIEL (Deptartment of Eagles / Grizzly Bear) - Deerslayer 12” (Warp) [ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland] £10.99
RUN THE JEWELS - Stay Gold (Smiff & Cash Remix) b/w Kill Your Masters & instrumentals 12” in Collectors Jewel Box (Run The Jewels, Inc.) [ltd to 5000, box includes 12” with space for RTJ 1-4, poster, slipmat & “stickers for the kids”] £37.99
SAKAMOTO, RYUICHI - ff2 12” EP (Milan) [ltd to 500, previously unreleased tracks] £17.99
SANCHEZ, ANTONIO - Buli Povo! LP (Analog Africa) [Cape Verde funana rarity, as heard on the Space Echo compilation] £24.99
SANGARE, OUMOU - Mogoya Rewind 12” (No Format) [remixes from Sampha, Natureboy Flako, Pedro, Saint Germain, Pouvoir Magique, Twotex] £11.99
SAUN & STARR - Look Closer: Instrumental Versions LP (Daptone Records) [transparent muted blue vinyl, ltd to1800] £21.99
SHAGGY - Oh Carolina b/w Raas Bumba Claat version 7” (UMC) [green vinyl, ltd to 500]
SHAKIN’ STEVENS - Echoes Of Our Time LP (Hec) [red vinyl] £19.99
SHERMAN, BIM / MUNGO’S HI-FI - Lighting & Thunder (Mungo’s Hi-Fi remix) b/w Thunderclap Dub 10” (Scotch Bonnet) £8.99
SHIHO - The Body is a Message of the Universe LP (Subliminal Sounds) [pink vinyl, 1987 Japanese synth / new age rarity] £24.99
SHOCKING BLUE - Singles Collection part 1 2xLP (Music on Vinyl) [blue vinyl, ltd to 1000 numbered copies] £24.99
SIGRID - Don’t Kill My Vibe 12” (Island) [red vinyl, ltd to 750]
SIGUR ROS - Route One LP (XL Recordings) [ltd to 500] £21.99
SIGUR ROS - Liminal Remixes LP (XL Recordings) [ltd to 500] £21.99
SIX BY SEVEN - 04 LP (Saturday Night Sunday Morning) [‘toxic green’ vinyl] £19.99
SLEIGH BELLS - Kid Kruschev LP (Lucky Number) [clear vinyl, ltd to 1000]
SLY & ROBBIE & JUNIOR NATURAL - Militant Dub LP (Music on Vinyl) [gold vinyl, limited to 1000 numbered copies] £19.99
SMALL FACES - Lazy Sunday Afternoon (early mix) b/w Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake (alt take - phased mix) 7” (Immediate) [luminous green vinyl, ltd to 1000] £9.99
SNAPPED ANKLES - Violations 12” (The Leaf Label) [white vinyl]
SNATCH - Snatch LP (Pandemonium) [ltd to 500] £19.99
SNOW PATROL - Don’t Give In b/w Life On Earth 7” (UMC) £8.99
SOFT CELL - Say Hello Wave Goodbye b/w Youth 12” (UMC) [clear vinyl, ltd to 1500]
SOMMERS, ALEX (Sigur Ros callaborator) - Untitled LP (XL Recordings) [ltd to 500] £21.99
SON VOLT - Okemah & The Melody Of Riot 2xLP (Transmit Sound) [first time on vinyl] £21.99
SONIC’S RENDEZVOUS BAND - Live 78 LP (Easy Action) [blue vinyl, ltd to 500 copies]
SORROW (Rose McDowall) - Under The Yew Possessed LP (Night School) [gold vinyl, ltd to 500, first time on vinyl] £19.99
SOUNDGARDEN - A-Sides 2xLP (UMC) [ltd to 850, first time on vinyl] £29.99
SPACEMEN 3 - Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To 2xLP (Space Age Recordings) [‘berry’ coloured vinyl, new layout] £24.99
SPARKS - The Best Of And The Rest Of 2xLP (UMC) [red vinyl, ltd to 1000] £29.99
SPARKS - You’ve Earned the Right to Be a Dick 7” (BMG) [shaped picture disc] £13.99
SPIRITUALIZED - Fucked Up Inside LP (Glass Records Redux) [‘milky clear’ coloured vinyl, embossed ‘hot foil’ sleeve] £24.99
SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE - Greatest Hits 2xLP (Legacy / Sony) [opaque red vinyl, ltd to 1000]
STEVENS, SUFJAN - Mystery of Love 10” EP (Music On Vinyl) [clear vinyl, ltd to 1500 for UK, from the Call Me by Your Name OST] £17.99
STEWART, JAMIE (Xiu Xiu) - An Aggressive, Chain Smoking Alcoholic LP (Bad Paintings) £18.99
STOOGES, THE - The Stooges: Detroit Edition LP (Rhino) [ltd to 8000, deluxe edition with LP of bonus tracks] £24.99
STREETS, THE - The Streets Remixes & B-Sides LP [Warners] (white vinyl, ltd to 1000 for UK] £24.99
SUDDEN, NIKKI - Last Bandits 2xLP (Seventeen) [ltd to 900, includes all bonus singles, b-sides, etc.] £22.99
SUEDE - s/t LP (Demon) [silver vinyl, includes b-sides and cover of ‘Brass In Pocket’] £26.99
SUN RA - Pine Street Theatre, Oct 28th 1988 LP (Jackpot) [ltd to 2000, never before released concert, comes with concert poster] £32.99
S U R V I V E - RR7400 LP (Relapse) [ltd to 500, live-in-the-studio album from Stranger Things soundtrack composers] £19.99
SYLVIAN, DAVID - Dead Bees On A Cake 2xLP (UMC) [white vinyl, ltd to 1000] £29.99
T.REX - Bolan Boogie LP (UMC) [blue vinyl, ltd to 1500, iconic best of from 1971]
TABOR, JUNE - Ashore 2xLP (Weatherbox) [white vinyl] £24.99
TAD - Quck & Dirty LP (Wienerworld) [green vinyl, studio / live recordings] £24.99
TANGERINE DREAM - Miracle Mile OST LP (Fire) [marbled vinyl, ltd to 1000) £27.99
TANGERINE DREAM - Run To Vegas b/w Leviathan 12” (Invisible Hands) [never before released tracks from the late Edgar Froese] £9.99
TAYLOR, ROGER - Journey’s End 10” (UMC) [ltd to 700]
TEARS FOR FEARS - Head Over Heels (Mark Barrott Remixes) LP [ltd to 250]
TEARS FOR FEARS - Head Over Heels (Talamanca System Remixes) LP [ltd to 250]
TELEVISION PERSONALITIES - Closer To God 2xLP (Fire) [marbled black & white vinyl, remastered] £29.99
TELEVISION PERSONALITIES - Privilege LP (Fire) [ltd to 1500, black & white marbled vinyl] £22.99
THIS IS THE KIT - Wriggle Out the Restless LP (Brassland) [orange & blue splatter vinyl, ltd to 700] £21.99
THOMAS, PAT introduces MARIJATA - s/t LP (Mr Bongo) £21.99
THUNDERS, JOHNNY WITH PATTI PALLADIN - (Give Her a) Great Big Kiss 7” (Remarquable) [picture disc, ltd to 500] £12.99
THUNDERS, JOHNNY - So Alonesome LP (Remarquable) [ltd to 500, some randomly supplied colour vinyl] £19.99
TIMELESS LEGEND - Everybody Disco Part One & Two + The Mighty Zar edit / I Was Born To Love You 12” EP (Love Vinyl) [ltd to 750] £11.99
TINY RUINS - Some Were Meant For Sea LP (Bella Union) [gold vinyl] £19.99
TOY DOLLS - Nellie the Elephant 7” (Music on Vinyl) [pink vinyl, ltd to 500] £10.99
TOYA - Desire (30th Anniversary Edition) LP (Demon) [translucent red vinyl]
TRICCA, EMMA - St Peter LP (Dell’Orso) [fts. Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), Jason Victor (Dream Syndicate), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Astrud Steehouder (Paper Dollhouse) & folk legend Judy Collins] £16.99
U2 - Lights Of Home (original, St Peter’s String Version, Beck Remix) 12” (UMC) [ltd to 2700]
ULRIKA SPACEK - Suggested Listening 12” EP (Tough Love) 17.99
UNCLE TUPELO - No Depression Rarities LP (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 1000, first time on vinyl]
UNDERTONES - Singles Box 13x7” box set (USM) [ltd top 1000 for UK] £54.99
UNKLE - Unkle Live On The Road Koko 3x12” (Songs For The Def)
URBAN DOGS - s/t 2xLP (Fall Out / Jungle) [red vinyl, 2nd LP includes unreleased live tracks & b-sides] £19.99
URIAH HEEP - Look At Yourself LP (BMG) [ltd to 750 for UK, mirrored sleeve] £24.99
UT - Live At The Venue Nov 81 LP (Out) [first time on vinyl] £17.99
VAPORS, THE - Turning Japanese 7” (Razor & Tie) [33 rpm red vinyl, numbered, ltd to 500 for UK]
VASELINES, THE - Dum Dum LP (Glass Redux)
VEIRS, LAURA - Fading of Stars 7” (Bella Union) [clear vinyl, ltd to 500 for UK / Ireland, Daniel Johnston cover on side B]
VOIDZ, THE (Julian Casablancas of the Strokes) - Qyurryus b/w Cool As 7” (Columbia) [ltd to 500]
VOIVOD - Too Scared To Scream 12” EP picture disc (Noise) [ltd to 500 for UK] £20.99
WAITS, TOM - Orphans: Bastards LP (Anti) [grey vinyl, ltd to 1500, remastered] £24.99
WAITS, TOM - Orphans: Bawlers LP (Anti) [red vinyl, ltd to 1500, remastered] £24.99
WAITS, TOM - Orphans: Brawlers LP (Anti) [blue vinyl, ltd to 1500, remastered] £24.99
WATERFRONT, THE - Normandy 12” (Vinyl Revival) [ltd to 1500, pre-Stone Roses John Squire /Mani band] £14.99
WHITE HILLS / GNOD - Aquarian Downer (Rocket) [aqua blue ‘deep space’ swirl vinyl] £19.99
WHO, THE - The Kids Are Alright 2xLP (UMC) [red & blue vinyl, ltd to 2000] £29.99
WILCO - Live At The Troubadour 11/12/96 2xLP (Rhino) [ltd to 500 for UK] £24.99
WILDHEART, GINGER - Paying It Forward 10” picture disc EP (Graphite)
WILSON, FRANK - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) b/w Sweeter As The Day Goes By 7” (Third Man) [purple vinyl, 700 for UK]
WILSON, STEVE - How Big The Space 12” (SW) [ltd to 850]
WIPERS - Live At The Met 1982 LP (Jackpot) [ltd to 2000] £21.99
WIRE - Nine Sevens 7” box set (Pink Flag) [ltd to 1500, remastered singles 1977 - 80] £67.99
WOBBLE, JAH & MOMO - Maghrebi Jazz LP (Jah Wobble Music) £21.99
WOLF ALICE - Don’t Delete The Kisses (remixes by Charli XCX / Post Precious, Tourist, Jelani Blackman) 12” (Dirty Hill) [ltd to 900]
WRIGHT, BETTY & THE ROOTS - Betty Wright: The Movie 2xLP (Expansion) [ltd to 1000] £22.99
WU-TANG CLAN - Enter the 36 Chambers cassette (Legacy / Sony) [ltd to 500]
YAZOO - Situation: The Francis K Remixes 12” (Mute) [ltd to 500 for UK] £20.99
YES - Tormato LP picture disc (Rhino) [ltd to 500 for UK] £19.99
YOUNG, NEIL - Roxy: Tonight’s The Night Live 2xLP (Reprise) [ltd to 1500 for UK, engraving side D & photo print) £28.99
YOUNGS, RICHARD - Endless Futures LP (Glass Records Redux) [white vinyl] £19.99
YUNG WU (Feelies / Trypes members) - Shore Leave LP + flexi (Bar None) [flexi disc with album track & b-side] £18.99
ZAPPA, FRANK - Lumpy Gravy LP (UMC) [translucent burgundy vinyl, ltd to 750] £29.99
OST (Various Artists) - American Dreamer LP (Light in the Attic / Cinewax) [red vinyl, ltd to 1000, includes film poster for the 1971 documentary, songs by Gene Clark & John Buck Wilkin] £26.99
OST (Hans Zimmer) - Blue Planet II OST 2xLP (Music On Vinyl) [transparent blue vinyl] £26.99
OST - Doctor Who: City Of Death 2xLP (Demon) [spoken word, coloured vinyl] £25.99
OST - Doctor Who: Tomb Of The Cybermen 2xLP (Demon) [spoken word, coloured vinyl] £25.99
OST (Lalo Schiffrin) - Enter The Dragon LP picture disc (Rhino) [ltd to 1000 for UK] £24.99
OST (Sam Wayman) - Ganja & Hess LP (Strange Disc) [colour vinyl, ltd to 1000, first time on vinyl] £26.99
OST (Bernard Herrmann) - Hitchcock Themes: Vertigo b/w North By Northwest 7” (Silva Screen) [ltd to 500 orange vinyl] £12.99
OST (Ron Grainer) - The Omega Man 2xLP (Silva Screen) [ltd to 500, coloured vinyl] £26.99
OST - Twin Peaks (Music From The Event Series - Score) 2xLP picture disc (Rhino) [ltd to 1000] £32.99
OST - Twin Peaks (Music From The Event Series - Soundtrack) 2xLP picture disc (Rhino) [ltd to 1000] £32.99
VARIOUS - The Beginning of the End: The Existential Psychodrama in Country Music 1956-1974 LP (Iron Mountain) [limited to 500: 250 ‘Apocalypse Orange’ / 250 ‘Collapse Black’ LPs randomly inserted] £29.99
VARIOUS - Ed Motta presents…Too Slow To Disco Brasil LP (How Do You Are?) [purple vinyl]
VARIOUS - Erased Tapes Artists 1+1=X 3xLP (Erased Tapes) [20 exclusive songs from Nils Frahm, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Penguin Cafe, etc.]
VARIOUS - Gary Crowley’s Punk & New Wave LP (Demon) [coloured vinyl] £24.99
VARIOUS - Hillbillies in Hell Volume 666: Country Music’s Tormented Testament ’52-’74 LP (Iron Mountain) [limited to 666: 222 ‘Hellfire Red’ / 222 ‘Lucifer Ablaze’ orange splatter LPs / 222 ‘Endless Torment’ black randomly inserted] £29.99
VARIOUS - Iconic Performances From The Monterey International Pop Festival 2xLP (The Monterey International Pop Festival Foundation) [inc. Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, The Who, Janis Joplin, etc.] £24.99
VARIOUS - Motown Funk Vol. 2 2xLP (UMC) [coloured vinyl, ltd to 750] £29.99
VARIOUS - New Orleans Soul 1967 LP (History Of Soul) £18.99
VARIOUS - New York Soul 67 LP (History Of Soul) £18.99
VARIOUS - Rock Steady Box 10x7” box set (Trojan) [ltd to 1000 for UK] £54.99
VARIOUS - Singapore-A-Go-Go 2xLP (Sublime Frequencies) [60s Singapore beat / pop classics] £39.99
VARIOUS - Soul Jazz Presents Congo Revolution 5x7” boxset (Soul Jazz) £34.99
VARIOUS - Soul Jazz Presents Punk 45 5x7” (Soul Jazz) [includes X_X, Bizarros, Rubber City Rebels, Flesh Eaters, The Scabs, The Hollywood Squares] £34.99
VARIOUS - Soul Jazz Presents Studio One Dub Plate Special 5x7” (Soul Jazz) £34.99
VARIOUS - The Sugarhill Boom Box 4x12” box set (Sugarhill) [ltd to 750] £32.99
VARIOUS - Takin’ Care of Business: Rampart Records 1963-1971 10x7” (Vampisoul) £69.99
VARIOUS - Texas Soul 67 LP (History Of Soul) £18.99


OST (Cho Young-Wuk) - Oldboy (Vengeance Trilogy 2) 2xLP (Beatball) [colour vinyl]
OST (Cho Young-Wuk) - Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (Vengeance Trilogy 3) LP (Beatball) [colour vinyl]
OST (UhUh Boo Project) - Sympathy For Mr Vengeance (Vengeance Trilogy 1) LP (Beatball) [colour vinyl]


SPECTRUM - Highs, Lows & Heavenly Blows LP (Medical Records)
SUPERJOINT RITUAL - A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred (Back On Black) [ltd to 500]
SUPERJOINT RITUAL - Use Once & Destroy (Back On Black) [ltd to 500]