Covid-19 update

Monorail Music is continuing to follow Scottish Government advice with regard to Covid-19. We are currently under lockdown restrictions and are currently not operating a click and collect service. Our mailorder service is operating as normal, with a reduced staff.

National Album Day

What was the first album you ever bought? I mean with your own money earned from your paper round, or in my case saved from forfeited lunches. Mine was Use Your Illusion 2 by Guns ’n’ Roses, on a sun-bleached bootleg cassette sold at a kiosk in Cyprus. I remember it looking really faded and poorly photocopied but the imagery on it and the music kinda scared me, which I’ve always taken as a great sign I’m gonna love something.

Despite the shifts in the way music is packaged and sold, The Album endures as a solid entity with which to immerse yourself in an artist's vision. Sure, there’s an ever-present push to stream single songs by artists thrown out at regular intervals but there’s still plenty who value a collection of songs in a single body of work as the most fulfilling way to experience music. National Album Day is a fairly new initiative in which classic major label albums are repressed on limited, colour vinyl pressings prompting either a new discovery of something you might have missed or a re-appraisal of a favourite. There’s plenty of our personal favourites being released on National Album Day this year and we’ve picked a bunch here for you to pre-order. Who knows, maybe one of these will have been your first ever album you bought with your own dough. I'm still holding out for Use Your Illusion II to get the works.

National Album Day is Saturday October 10th, all titles will be available in-store or can be pre-ordered in advance while stocks last. Please be advised that some of these pressings are severely limited. You can browse the full selection here or scroll down for our faves.