Blu Anxxiety

Baptized In Space / I Haunt Myself

Toxic State

Released: 11th October 2019

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U.S. Import 7", on Toxic State
NYC's Blu Anxxiety rip the heart out of The Sisters Of Mercy's doomed romance and blast it off into a cyberpunk future, dripping with dread and self-destruction. The project of members of Goth punks Anasazi, Blu Anxxiety's particular riot takes in late 80s, early 90s digital synth punk as well as some truly ghostly vocal performances. Baptized In Space is a guitar bleeding late Sisters sounding motorik slammer, goth-as-u-like, while I Haunt Myself is even more doomed and more catchy even. Over a frantic arpeggiated synth pattern and industrial beat, the corpse of EBM is flagged senseless into the digital ether.