Papernut Cambridge

There's No Underground

Gare Du Nord

Released: 13th October 2014

3 x 7".
There's a smooth looseness to the whole record, a slow swirl most prominent on 'Umbrella Man', a song that could drift off to narcotic dreams at any second. Lovely use of multi-layered voices and there's a couple of piano chords towards the end – not so much wrong as perhaps thoughtlessly jazz – that really drive home how relaxed this whole feel is. The pervading atmosphere, right on for what Button's expressing, is reflected perfectly in the title of closer 'Rock N Roll Sunday Afternoon City Lights'. The track itself one of the most upbeat on the record – think Lawrence and Denim at the height of their 70s channeling powers. 'Nutflake Social' is also firmly rooted in the glam rock of that decade, and of course every band should have their own theme song and signature dance.