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Main Source

Looking At The Front Door / Watch Roger Do His Thing

Mr Bongo

Released: 4th December 2020

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Enter Large Professor and ‘Looking at the Front Door’, the group’s first single on
Wild Pitch Records and the lead out for their stunning ‘Breaking Atoms’ album.
Wrapped around a loop from Donald Byrd’s Blue Note classic ‘Think Twice’,
bolstered by the infectious chorus of ‘Chick A Boom’ by The Pazant Brothers
and Beaufort Express, it’s a melancholy tale of love gone wrong. It was a brave
choice of lead single in the 1990 hip-hop landscape, plucked from an album full
of genuine head-nodders and standout tracks. It was also the right choice - a
piece of production perfection laced with romantic honesty.
The B-side also strikes a different tack, a tale of a brother who “doesn’t fight, his
brain is his left and right.” Using a solid foundation of drums from Funkadelic’s
‘You’ll Like It Too’ (most famously used on Eric B & Rakim’s ‘I Know You Got
Soul’), Large Pro weaves his tale of an ambitious, studious man over an original
organ line (by JD Drumsticks) that wouldn’t sound out of place at a hockey rink.
The theme is sledgehammer subtle - don’t sell drugs, stay in school - but delivered
with the lightness of touch that would be Main Source’s signature. This is the first official UK release, and the first time both sides have been together
on a 7”.
Part of the Mr Bongo classic
hip-hop official reissue series. First official UK release, and the first time both sides have been together on a 7”.