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Tape 1 / Tape 2


Released: 23rd October 2020

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Soundway Records presents two chapters of instrumental, lo-fi dreamscapes, exquisite homemade musical sketches, and ethereal jazz harmonies recorded direct to two cassettes.

In the Felbm project, Dutch multi-instrumentalist Eelco Topper steps away from his previous synthesiser-laden sounds as Falco Benz, towards a much looser, simpler and sketch-like approach. Picking up a number of acoustic instruments, he began experimenting with a Tascam 4-track tape recorder and allowed these sketches to flourish. The result is Tape 1 and Tape 2, a two-part project stretching across fifteen tracks - encompassing fluttering piano melodies, subtle jazz drums, rumba rhythms and soothing ambience. The jazz element links back to Topper’s childhood. “I grew up playing drums, switched to playing piano at sixteen and in the meantime I produced hip-hop beats,” he recalls. “I went to study jazz piano at the Utrecht Conservatory, which I finished with pain and effort… I was interested more in electronic and present-day music.”

This mix of being rooted in traditional jazz composition whilst searching for something more contemporary is the perfect encapsulation of these recordings. Tape 1’s jazz roots are palpable and as things move into Tape 2, it takes on a neo-classical, psychedelic soundscape and cinematic quality.

“Tape 1” and “Tape 2” digital EP are released separately, but the full album download comes with the vinyl album “Tape 1 / Tape 2”. Vinyl album comes with dual front cover that can be flipped over, reflecting the project’s 2 segment structure. REVIEWS “Brimming to the very top with unique ideas and florescent, vivid sonic concepts, ‘Tape 1 / Tape 2’ feels both very conceptual and very inspired. It is mood music in the best possible way; the album’s various soundscapes are often ephemeral – sometimes greatly so – and Topper leaves himself only just enough time to paint an evocative picture of a place or feeling before the music fades out of view. It’s beautiful stuff – engaging and distinctive both melodically and texturally.” - GigSoup

“From note one to the last this album is as intimate as it gets. Beautifully crafted in its simplicity. It just feels good!” – Osunlade (Yoruba Records)