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Fool's Harp

Music From Memory

Released: 8th June 2020

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*Highly Recommended*A welcoming balm of gently chiming, reverberant percussion, wurring drones and peaceful overtones, Fools is the work of Grizzly Bear member Christopher Bear. It's a work that embraces the new New Age while acknowledging the influence of the early 2000s masters of introspective, yet gently open, electronica (To Rococo Rot, Morr, Leaf records et al.)

While definitely coasting the line between composition and a mood-altering ambient music, Bear's work here is largely without imposing structures, with each piece set up as an improvisation with the artist himself, responding in live time to elements as they unfurl. We're reminded of some of the pioneers of "ambient" music but also of modern movements with their own agendas. Indeed, given a different design some of this music could find a home on the Clay Pipe label, though it's assured subversion of tropicalia and a kind of breezy, oceanic openness to harmony places Fools squarely in the Music From Memory family it's found itself in.
Tracks like Source use gentle filters that drift across the frequency spectrum while a tranced out percussion does its own thing. Deefyfe plunges itself deeper into the softly melancholy Morr Music nexus, with little dashings of sparkling hope through out, while even the sparsity of a track like Snodae remerges with bowed strings and marine cymbal splashes into something like an awakening.