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Isobel Campbell

There Is No Other

Cooking Vinyl

Released: 24th February 2020

LP - Limited green vinyl£19.99Out of Stock
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Isobel Campbell's first new studio album since 2006. Limited green vinyl!

Erstwhile Glaswegian Isobel Campbell has taken her sweet time to make something incredibly sweet on There Is No Other. Her first music was with Belle and Sebastian but since leaving that band two decades ago, her craft has become rich from collaboration and exploration. Here we find her, 12 years after her last studio album proper, slowed down to a lullabyesque drift, her close-mic'd vocal a gentle lilt at times almost ghostly in its delivery. The album opens like a secret garden, woodwind instruments and double bass perambulating around a kind of swirling bucolic scene. Runnin' Down A Dream picks up the pace with a Campbellesque rendition of a power pop song. It could almost be a Springsteen song title (or in actual fact a Tom Petty one - ed.), but in her hands it sounds like a mellifluous near-anthem by the Bangles from the Tigermilk-era. These two moods set the spectrum for There Is No Other, which also takes in Astrud Gilberto-style bossa nova rhythms as on Rainbow or quietly, supprotive electronic touches in service to the tune in other parts. It's a beautiful album to drift away to and we're glad to have Campbell back.

"My whole life I’ve been a slowpoke. Anyone who knows me will confirm. I’m
very thorough, yet exceedingly slow. I notice things faster individuals do not. Always last in school races. Always last out the gate. Always late for absolutely everything. Modern life bemuses me in a lot of ways. My whole life I’ve always wondered ‘What’s the rush?’ and I suppose this song encapsulates that. Sometimes I ponder ‘What are we? Us humans? Are we so in the rat race are we militant ants or bees in the hive or what?’
I choose quality and substance over speed every time. Living in an over-populated
metropolis these days I dig my heels in even more, I go slower than ever."