Isobel Campbell

There Is No Other

Cooking Vinyl

Released: 7th February 2020

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Isobel Campbell's first new studio album since 2006

"My whole life I’ve been a slowpoke. Anyone who knows me will confirm. I’m
very thorough, yet exceedingly slow. I notice things faster individuals do not. Always last in school races. Always last out the gate. Always late for absolutely everything. Modern life bemuses me in a lot of ways. My whole life I’ve always wondered ‘What’s the rush?’ and I suppose this song encapsulates that. Sometimes I ponder ‘What are we? Us humans? Are we so in the rat race are we militant ants or bees in the hive or what?’
I choose quality and substance over speed every time. Living in an over-populated
metropolis these days I dig my heels in even more, I go slower than ever."