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Richmond Fontaine

...plays "We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River"


Released: 20th August 2021

Richmond Fontaine's 8th album " We Used to Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River", is Richmond Fontaine at their strongest with Willy Vlautin taking over a year to write; most of it autobiographical. The CD was originally released through El Cortez/Décor Records in 2009 and this is the first time Décor will release the vinyl.

It was previously released in 2011 by Diverse in a limited pressing. This was the bands last album recorded with JD Foster and is still seen as one of their strongest.

Richmond Fontaine takes root in the fertile imagination of songwriter, novelist and guitarist Willy Vlautin whom has penned 5 novels with his sixth coming out this May on Faber & Faber and has gone on to release 11 studio albums with Richmond Fontaine before breaking up in 2016. His current band is The Delines whom are currently working on their fourth album.

Formed in 1994 at the Portland Meadows horse track by Vlautin and bassist Dave Harding, when the two took their mutual love of Hüsker Du, Willie Nelson, X, The Blasters, and The Replacements and began playing music together. The band was named after a down and out American expatriate Harding had met while hitchhiking through Mexico and for this album includes Sean Oldham on drums, Dan Eccles on guitar and Paul Brainard pedal steel. Produced by JD Foster (of Green On Red/Dwight Yoakham fame) at Jackpot! Studios in Portland.