Fuck What You Love, Vol. 3

Fuck What You Love

Released: 18th May 2018

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A fanzine about popstar crushes, "Fuck What You Love" offers critical, radical approaches to the idea of pop star fandom and the celebrity phenomenon in general. Featuring a multitude of contributors, the zine focuses on queer and female voices but with wide-ranging subjects and objects of desire. What makes Fuck What You Love so attractive as a publication is the variety of tones, never settling into dry Critical Theory examinations of Pop Culture as Spectacle or self-indulgent diary entries. Instead, there are personal takes on the idea of fandom, obsession, desire and drive to touch the untouchable. The essays in issue two are dedicated to crushes as diverse as Janelle Monae, Leonard Cohen, Lorde, Louis Tomlinson and BTS with writers from around the world addressing subjects such as crushing in K-Pop fandom, the lure of the outsider, and discovery of self through queer crushes.

The zine is a 40-page A5 publication with a dreamy pale pink cover. It is edited by Claire Biddles, with graphic design by Kate Dunstone, and gorgeous images by illustrators Mairi Laird and Jessica Taylor.