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The Primary 5

High Five

Hurrah Musica

Released: 4th November 2019

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Finally on vinyl, with new artwork! In 2005, erstwhile Teenage Fanclub drummer and all-round great musician Paul Quinn formed a duo as an outlet for his own sun-drenched, Big Star-ish tracks. It's a breath of pure, fresh melodic manna from heaven. Comparisons with Quinn's other band are unavoidable but that's not a bad thing. Impeccably recorded, Quinn's sound here sits squarely with Teenage Fanclub's "Grand Prix" and "Songs From Northern Britain" eras, with healthy doses of Gin Blossoms dynamics.

A deeply personal, heartfelt, and musically lush work, High Five builds upon all of Quinn's innate strengths as a melodic pop craftsman while also stretching the admittedly low-key Scot into more sonically expansive and ambitious sounds that bring to mind the moody, baritone guitar soundscapes of Ennio Morricone. Joining Quinn here is guitarist (and former fellow Soup Dragons member) Jim McCulloch who adds much of this spaghetti western twang. Which isn't to say that High Five is all whip cracks and crooked smiles; on the contrary, Quinn mixes in such sleight of hand campiness alongside driving power pop numbers and layered Baroque pop gems. At the center of the album is the pure ode to rock music "Lost and Confused" in which Quinn plays out the meeting between artist and fan. He sings, "Hey man it's so good to meet you. I love your records. I love your songs. I feel like I have always known you." And continues, "You are the sun. You are the moon. I love the things you do. Or, is this an excuse?"

A note for completists: ex-employee employs ex-employers, with Norman Blake guesting on guitar and Raymond McGinley engineering.