Fad Gadget

Fireside Favourites


Released: 12th October 2018

Limited edition of 500 on Orange Vinyl.
As part of Mute's 40th anniversary they are repressing some classics of their catalogue and some of them are long overdue. Fireside Favourites was the debut studio album of Fad Gadget - aka troubadour Frank Tovey released in 1980. Ahead of his time, Tovey's use of early analogue, consumer-ready electronics pioneered a sound that would mutate into techno, electro and any other subgenre you might want to name. So many of the tracks sound like portents to the future, with Coitus Interruptus beaming into the present from the future, a cool mid-tempo track bristling with malevolence and sleaze. Stone cold synth banger State Of The Nation is a breakbeat slammer complete with a drum pattern that pre-empts Big Beat by 15 years. Like a lot of early Mute artists, Tovey's skill was in using primitive electronics and an oblique approach to composition to create pop music from the outside. While Fireside Favourites is laced with misanthropy and paranoia, it's a thrilling, high-wire trip through post industrial, late 70s Britain and moribund capitalist society, with the unhinged, witty Tovey your cracked tour guide..