The Unperson

Cosmic Sermonettes


Released: 24th May 2019

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Gorgeous, extremely limited. Each cassette comes with unique hand drown outer casing. The mysterious Unperson, or The Unperson to give them their full title, travels the furthest reaches of the cosmos, or at least the distance to the living room in this collection of home-recorded understated space pop songs. Sounding like it was captured straight to Tascam cassette recordings, The Unperson's 5 songs here warble with tape hiss getting into the cracks, the natural tape compression squashing the sound superbly. To us it sounds a little like C Duncan's bedroom pop albeit more lo fi, with the ragged edges of a loop pedal's echoing manipulated into rhythm tracks and some parts sounding not unlike Dark Side Of The Moon-Floyd busking underneath a dank bridge in Glasgow's west end. The humility of the presentation - the namelessless, unassuming packaging - belie a music that is actually fairly epic in parts, and all the better for it. World and cosmos weary sounds for fellow travellers.