Jam Money

A Gathering Kind

Alien Transistor

Released: 30th December 2016

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A very welcome return from one of our favourites. Jam Money are a loosish duo comprising Mat Fowler and Kevin Cormack working in close collaboration with the brilliant visual artist, Aimée Henderson. A Gathering Kind, like its predecessor, Blowing Stones, is eminently oddball, gloriously naive and collidey. Creativity beyond easy categorisation. Reference points are surely geographic fellow-travellers like World Standard, Plinth, Flaming Tunes And Pierre Bastien. Think of Jonathan Richman's idea of banging stones together to make music; out of near nothingness a narrative somehow takes hold, earthy, rough-hewn in places, then becoming more melodic, trippy, mesmerising. If you want a further description look at Henderson's cover art and imagine the music that would go exactly with that. Jam Money have made a record to dissolve into for a while, and let's face it we all need that sometimes. Outstanding.