Stargaze & Greg Saunier



Released: 13th April 2019

Compositions by Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) based on Fugazi’s In On The Killtaker LP - limited gold vinyl.

An incredible reimagining of a classic Fugazi album by this by this respected orchestral collective, best known fo their soundtracks and numerous collaborations.

s t a r g a z e are releasing Instruments (A Track By Track Re-Composition of Fugazi's In On The Killtaker) on Record Store Day. Creative lead of the collective André de Ridder says ''This project is not meant be 'referential' at all, but for me it’s a new work of art, literally New Music, inspired by a number of things to do with IOTK and the band. I find the band’s music expresses a great deal of vulnerability and struggle, very finely balanced with some visceral outbursts not just of anger, but of energy of an encouraging and uplifting nature. Our record is also a tribute to the film 'Instrument' - the band after all had a penchant for instrumental tracks or long instrumental passages, which are in itself periods of either reflection, where the words sink deeper, or in fact where the words would fail - hence 'Instruments' in which we feature each of our group’s single 'instruments' in their individuality and their negotiation of (or 'struggle' with) the material. The loud/quiet model is just one example of a musical trope explored here over the course of the whole record, with the acoustic/busting nature of some of these pieces, relaying as a voice on the street, directly to the people. These new instrumentals (quiet wordless pieces) being maybe the equivalent of the still film portraits of the women and men waiting in line at Fugazi shows in the 'Instrument' film. That’s how I literally see them.