Whyte Horses

Empty Words w/ excl. Dom Thomas Mix CD

CRC Records

Released: 9th March 2018

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Limited to 500 Deluxe edition, while stocks last. Enigmatic Mancunian psychedelic pop group Whyte Horses release their wonderfully eclectic and uplifting 16-track second album 'Empty Words.'

We’re super pleased to welcome back Whyte Horses, their debut album Pop Or Not was a daily play in the shop for what was probably a whole year. With Empty Words they may even have outripped that hallowed hello. Equal part shadow and shimmer, Empty Words is an oddball pop psych treasure connecting and colliding with 1960s girl groups, Brigitte Fontaine in her too brief melodie moment, Doris and their descendents, particularly Camera Obscura and The Concretes. It’s loosely put together like a brilliant compilation tape your friend made for you with the the hits you want then moving out towards slightly wilder shores towards the end. Your friend in this instance is probably maverick Manchester dj, Dom Thomas, the instigator of Whyte Horses, who are seemingly from all over. They’re all over the place, they’re all over us, this must be what winning feels like. Loving it.

‘Empty Words’ is a seminal collection of stories about love and fear and all that lives between. Told in a timeless fashion, it sounds like everything and nothing you’ve ever heard all at once. A bombastic quasi-Pop opera, the modern-day music aficionado in which Whyte Horses effortlessly pillage traditional song-writing techniques from all around the world and twist them into their own inimitable character. Their use of sophisticated antiquated arrangements juxtaposed with cutting social commentaries are inspired by everything and anything around them, everything is fair game. ‘Empty Words’ features guitar laden kitchen- sink fantasies of modern day Cinderellas, crafty fuzzed-out psychedelic rock songs beating down on the zeitgeist and meandering passages that allude to a vague obsession with Twin Peaks - The Return. A record high on originality and wit that could only have been conceived in these bewildering times we live in.