Post Earth


Released: 22nd February 2019

Produced by Tim Green (the former guitarist of punk iconoclasts Nation Of Ulysses, who has worked with Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Joanna Newsom and Jawbreaker, among others), ‘Post Earth’ is a call to arms, interspersed with frustration and hope. “It wasn’t intentional to write a politically charged record,” says bassist Amy Allen, who constitutes FEELS with Laena Geronimo (guitar/vocals), Shannon Lay (guitar/vocals) and Michael Perry Rudes (drums). “But the way the world is functioning right now
made it impossible to write about anything else. We all need to figure it out; we’re running out of time. The golden age is over.” Maybe FEELS did not start their second album with a conceptual agenda but they definitely intended to speak out: “If you have any kind of platform, you should use it for good,” Lay states. Geronimo continues, “If our wildest dreams came true, the album would sound exciting to people while also inspiring awareness and action.
against hate, prejudice, greed, the destruction of our
environment... apathy’s not cool and toppling oppression could be
fun if we do it together!”  With a steadfast proportion