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Released: 7th February 2020

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Alex Rex is the nom de guerre of Alex Neilson- drummer to some of the most innovative musicians on the international underground including Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Shirley Collins, Jandek and Current 93.
Alex has synthesised the agonised self-invention and charismatic death-drive of these artists into his solo vehicle- abandoning the Folk Rock pomp of his previous band Trembling Bells for something darker and wilder. Following the critical acclaim of two previous albums- Vermillion and Otterburn- Rex is back with his most raw and adventurous album yet: Andromeda.

Featuring a consolidated line up of long-time collaborator Rory Haye, with Audrey Bizouerne (Rev Magnetic/ Bill Wells) and Georgia Seddon (Mike Heron/The Incredible String Band) along with guest appearances from Shirley Collins and Stevie Jackson, plus an all-star lineup including Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh and Jill O'Sullivan, Andromeda is a gut-punch to the brain. Self loathing has never sounded so sexy.

Alex Rex - aka Trembling Bells' Alex Neilson, drummer-musician extraordinaire - is an artist who's voracious appetite for musical history is brought into service of his muse. His "solo project," (actually a crack team of musicians backing his songwriting) is informed by decades of acid folk history but also more esoteric sources and personal biography. Andromeda can veer from Rolling Thunder Revue-esque songwriting bolstered by thoughtful instrumental touches to painfully self-reflective lyrical flouries. With a long history in free improvisation it's surprising that Neilson reigns it in here and it works. His vocal style is pronouced, mannered in a emotive way that avoids grandiose and poles at some truth underneath, more in tune with Soul music than the acid rock music his previous group was adept at. Andromeda is his most accomplished and rounded album to date and while it's riven with traumas and darkness it's still ecstatic in its execution. Alex has given us 10 free CD E.P.s to give away with the first sales of Andromeda, this is the Black Flowers CD on Bo' Weavil featuring Alasdair Roberts, Michael Flowers and Livinia Blackwall. He's also signing all copies of Andromeda while stocks last.