Submerged Vessels And Other Stories


Released: 24th October 2017

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One of Scotland's best kept secrets, Vazz were a two piece from Glasgow who percolated in the early 80s stubbornly turning down a 4AD record deal to go their own way and eventually get lost in the mists of time. This collection compiles the duo's cult recordings from as far back as 1982 to the most modern recordings rendered by Hugh Small: beautiful, solo piano pieces that spider out from the headphones, heralding the first frosts of fall. Obtuse and endlessly inventive, even though there's a breadth of sounds here there's definitely a thread that runs through this collection. Tracks like Solitary Sun beam straight out of a Glasgow tenement, drum machines and scratchy guitars feeling their way around Anna Howson's melancholy vocal. One pleasing aspect of these recordings is their appreciation of warmth and melody, these aren't coldly synthensized, existential songs but experiments full of life, a postcard from a different time. For fans of Weekend's demos, hypnagogic pop at some points sounding a little like a mid 80s version of Marine Girls.