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Choose Life

Upset The Rhythm

Released: 18th June 2018

June Album of the Month
Here at Monorail we find ourselves on the opposite side of the fence from Morrissey on just about everything. You know that song, 'We hate it when our friends become successful'? We love it, we embrace it, we want it for them, we want it for us. So, it’s with great pride that we today announce a new record by Apostille which is of course the incredible weirdo pop project devised by our very own Michael (Kasparis).

Following on from his brilliant, gritty self-titled debut, Choose Life could not be a clearer declaration of intent. Super melodic, lush, strident, funny, both introspective and extrospective. Is that a word? If it isn’t yet, this is the exact time for it. Recorded in Glasgow with Lewis Cook (Happy Meals), early impressions are of an ambitious, open sounding record full of hope and possibility. It’s a modern record, modern in the way that the oddest things come together in most of the best records these days. Here it’s bits of 80s synth most noticeably Fad Gadget and Soft Cell, bits of budget R&B, bits of DIY outsiderness. Can’t really think of anyone else doing quite what Michael does with Apostille, his closest contemporaries are probably his friends, Patience, Virginia Wing and Molly Nilsson.

Choose Life has a bold truth about it, starting out as a chronicle of a bad time and ending up a life-affirming fists in the air triumph. You surely already know that Feel Bad is one of the anthems of 2018 but it’s no flash in the pan, each song has its own identity, not through overloading the palette but just by doing something unexpected. It’s humane, it’s flawed, it’s human. It’s certainly not risk averse, it’s a bit like working with Michael. We haven’t heard anything better all summer. What more can we say - nothing.