JC Brouchard

Television Personalities: Diary Of A Young Fan


Released: 31st March 2017

Television Personalities are one of the most important of the first wave of DIY / outsider pop groups that followed in the glorious trail of Buzzcocks, Desperate Bicycles and Scritti Politti. Set apart from their contemporaries by way of their leader, Dan Treacy's winning way with words and melody, and a surprisingly robust sounding recording trio of Dan, Ed Ball and Empire (just Empire!), the group became cherished and influential in equal measure despite their own spectacularly self-destructive moves.

Until now almost undocumented, with members disinterested in or unable to speak about their past, French fan, JC Brouchard steps boldly into the fray with an account which is based on concerts he attended between 1981 and 1984, and his own dedicated fan's perspective. With forewords by sometime member, Joe Foster and Jean-Daniel Beauvallet (from Les Inrockuptibles), this is a lovingly put together fanzine-like perspective on a group that continue to fascinate.

If in places slightly sketchy, bear in mind that JC Brouchard knows Dan, and Dan would definitely want it this way.