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Released: 23rd July 2021

Grey Vinyl LP£21.99Out of Stock

‘Change’ is the brand-new album by Anika, the first solo music from the
Berlin based artist in 8 years. A British ex-pat and former political journalist, Anika has collaborated with BEAK>and Tricky and released two albums with Mexico City’s Exploded View to great acclaim. The single ‘Change’ tackles personal growth as well
as wider issues and grapples with eternal questions as to whether one can
ever truly change.

It has been 11 years since the release of her last solo album, 2010 cultfavourite ‘Anika’; she suddenly found herself with a lot to say. “This album had been planned for a little while and the circumstances of its inception were quite different to what had been expected. This coloured the album quite significantly. The lyrics were all written there on the spot. It’s a vomit of emotions, anxieties, empowerment and of thoughts like - How can this go on? How can we go on?” The intimacy of its creation and a palpable sense of global anxiety are seemingly baked into the DNA of Change. Spread across nine tracks, the central feeling of the record is one of heightened frustration buoyed by
guarded optimism. The songs offer skittering, austere electronic backdrops reminiscent of classic Broadcast records or ‘High Scores’-era Boards of Canada, playing them against Anika’s remarkable voice - Nico-esque, beautifully plaintive and - in regards to the record’s subject matter - totally resolute. Incantatory tracks like ‘Naysayer’ and ‘Never Coming Back’ are both a call to arms and a warning.

“‘Never Coming Back’ was written after reading Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’,” she explains.