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Toxic State

Released: 11th October 2019

7" E.P.£9.99Out of Stock

U.S. Import. 7 track E.P. One of 2019's essential punk releases.
Pinnochio are a recently formed punk troop from New York, featuring Mary Jane Dunphe of VEXX, CC DUST et al and members of hardcore slammers Warthog, among others. Pinnochio perform several magic tricks simultaneously, combining a No Wave guitar scree with a fried Gun Club dynamic on the drums while still leaving enough space for Dunphe's by now instantly recognisable punk scrawl, half acrobat pirouetting through life with the utmost grace, part wrecking ball shattering conceptions. Her craft is in never standing still, taking the listener along for a white-knuckle, nervy ride that's forever unknown. Opener My Time, a theme that runs through the EP, sounds like a deconstructed Roxy Music before the DNA style chaos reigns.