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C'mon! C'mon!: The Roots of Scottish Rock and Pop 1963-1970


Released: 11th December 2020

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With over 125 rare tracks, C'mon! C'mon! represents the first ever boxed anthology of Scottish beat music. Tracing the roots of the Scottish pop and progressive music scenes during its halcyon 1963-1969 period, C'mon! C'mon! highlights a lesser-known history that would richly contribute to the more widely acknowledged British 1960s music scene overall. While Lulu and Donovan may have made the successful journey to pop stardom, later iconic names such as the Average White Band, Stone The Crows, and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band would have their roots firmly placed in their native music scenes from Glasgow to Falkirk, Dundee, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and the Orkneys. Boasting analytical liner notes, original memorabilia, and extensive, archival period photos, C'mon! C'mon! offers an exciting journey through the history of Scottish rock and pop. Full-color 96-page, perfect bound booklet with detailed liner notes and rare images.

Features The Golden Crusaders, The Tremors, The Athenians, The Blues Council, Alex Harvey and the Soul Band, Bobby Patrick Big Six, Take Five, The Phantoms, The Sabres, The Black Ring, Isabel Bond, The Echo Sounds, The Mark Five, The Boston Dexters, Campbelltown Zodiacs, The Nomads, The Jaguars, The McKinleys, Johnny Deen and the Deacons, The Anteeeks, The Hi-Fi's, The Luvvers, The Poets, The Poor Souls, The Chevlons, The Maverix, The Profile, The Road Hogs, Studio Six, The Buzz, Alex Harvey, The Senate, The Beatstalkers, Gidian with Chris Lamb and the Universals, The Scots Of St. James, John Deen and the Trakk, Johnny and the Copycats, Karl Stuart and the Profiles, The Fifth Column, Dean Ford and the Gaylords, The Vikings, James Galt, The Big Six, One In A Million, O'Hara's Playboys, The Voice, The Stoics, The Scenery, Jason's Flock, The Pathfinders, Hopscotch, My Dear Watson, The Marmalade, The Societie, Cartoone, Chris McClure, Grapefruit, Lee Drummond, The Humblebums, Alex Campbell, Spiggy Topes, Alan Trajan, White Trash, Tam White, House Of Lords, Trash, Writing On The Wall, Clouds, The Human Beast, Charles Brutus McClay, and N.S.U..