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Saturnalia Temple


Listenable Records

Released: 20th March 2020

SATURNALIA TEMPLE are now releasing their much anticipated third full length and second album for Listenable entitled ‘Gravity’to be released in conjunction with a European tour with WOLVENNEST and DREAD SOVEREIGN. In their decade of existence , SATURNALIA TEMPLE have created their own niche of occult doom metal with their unique brand of psychedelia. Constantly challenging their musical progression from the revolutionary and hypnotizing 'Aion of Drakon' (2011) which one track was chosen by Fenriz (Darkthrone) as one of the only 7 tracks for his 40th birthday mix tape for Vice Magazine – to the unique Bluesy Black Doom Metal of 'To The Other’ (2015) which won them a Swedish Manifest Award. Band founder Tommie Eriksson gives details about the making of the new album ‘Gravity' : " We reached a more organic sound from using only my old vintage equipment . I used my old Laney Klipp amps from 1971 (same as Iommi used on the old albums) and my 1977 Mockingbird guitar, as well as my unique old Keio Fuzz Wah from 1970. All signal paths went through my TLA Valve Preamps and compressor. Vocals was made with an old Ribbon microphone. this is the best album we’ve ever made." Gravity as the concept of Saturn in alchemy enables existence through distance and separation, allowing man to reach the magical goals and the total separation of Kaivalya and personal divinity. Furthermore, Gravity facilitates the heaviness of the world to work for you. Unwanted influences and energies are allowed to fall away by themselves simply by one moving in the accurate path, perhaps aking to Aleister Crowley’s "Every man and woman is a star" concept. As all the other records this is recorded in the band’s own Sitra Ahra Studio in the dark forests of Sweden, produced as always by band founder Tommie Eriksson. This is the first album to feature drummer Kennet Granholm, live drummer since 2013, and permanent member since 2015.