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Typical Girls

Typical Girls

Happiest Place

Released: 15th February 2021

7"£9.99Out of Stock

Limited to 250 only
2nd Pressing with hand-folded sleeves. Please note, the front sleeve has a very slight crease on the front.

Quite simply the 7" of the year so far for these pop centered ears. Gothenburg, again, providing the goods. Seriously, if this keeps happening it's going to take the crown of the hottest music city starting with a G on earth.

Typical Girls' debut EP came out initially on a run of 250 or so 7"s that went so quickly we didn't have any to sell online. We literally sold them from people asking if we were getting it in, so we're really happy to get a small batch of the second pressing. Typical Girls comprise members of a dazzling number of cool Gothenburg bands, some of whom we know, some we don't but together they've reached some sort of pop nadir by being both referential to so much and by hitting some perfect sweet spot. Honestly, this is "I can't believe the side is finished, smash it back to the start" good, an asbolute confection. Las Palmas, the opener fades in with a snakey bassline and chorus guitar before sunrising into a mid-80s Cure-like heart-killer. There's something eternally aching in the chorus phrase "It's so beautiful" like lovers on the edge of a vertiginous cliff staring out at a world slowly, beautifully dying in the sunset. It's pure chill-giving pop perfection. Also, why were people being sniffy about baggy beats at one point, we're LIVING for them.

Tension, the 2nd track, coasts along on a lounging sub-reggae beat (think fellow Swedish pop masterminds Molly Nilsson or Ace Of Base), with a Hinds-like naive melody vocal line. The final surprise on this perfect pop 7" is a stone cold brilliant baggy fuzz cover of Girl Like You by The Troggs. It's just instant perfection, sounding a little like the early 90s guitar pop sounds when a little bit of MDMA started sneaking into the melancholy, making these tunes stay up til the morning, wasted and graceful, grabbing life by the lapels but still ridden with an early-20s anxiety. One day you'll look back on that and want it all back.