Malcolm Middleton


Triassic Tusk

Released: 28th January 2019

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The brand new album by Malcolm MIddleton, featuring two bananas on the front cover and guest musicians Stevie Jones, Jenny Reeve and Graeme Smilie. On Bananas, Middleton rolls back on the electronic eccentricities that defined his previous album Summer Of '13 to reveal a beautiful album racked with fragility and delicate, well-paced musicianship from his collaborators. Lyrically, Middleton retains a sharp wit as he turns his attention to the protagonists' failings with cutting quips that speak of deeper truths. Fortunately, Middleton's sense of humour always brings a levity to proceedings, small glimmers of light darted around the emotional landscape that make the whole more human.

Musically, the ensemble are delicate without being polite, with wonderfully placed piano embellishments and perennially sensitive accompaniments. Some points of Bananas pick up the pace but the real moments of pleasure can be found in Middleton's deftness with a simple melody wrung out to the ends of its pathos.

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