The Blue Nile

Peace At Last


Released: 29th November 2019

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Peace at Last, their third album, was the Blue Nile's first album in seven years. Updating for the unplugged '90s, Nile leader Paul Buchanan strips down his signature sound, anchoring the songs around plainly strummed acoustic guitar.

The album marked something of a departure for the band as 'Peace At Last' marked a move away from synthesizers (although not entirely) to more focus on the guitars. The band's high-quality standards are very much intact, and Buchanan's song-writing ability is as strong as ever. While 'Peace At Last ' may be the one Blue Nile album that gets rather overlooked, it does contain some real gems that stand as some of the band's finest and display their perfectionist song writing craft.

The real stand out though is the heartbreaking 'Family Life' - a stripped down, haunting desolate song comprising, largely, just piano and Buchanan's mournful and stark lyrics:

"Just separate chairs in separate rooms;
Jesus, please, make us happy sometimes."

Elsewhere the band introduce a wilder musical palette to their blueprint with touches of gospel and country splashed across the album mixed in with their lovelorn songs and hopes of salvation and redemption.