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Released: 7th November 2017

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Errata is a collaboration with the Swedish magazine Timglaset. Bringing together Kit artists with friends and musicians we greatly admire, this album celebrates sounds made in error - from bungled interviews to accidental recordings and forgotten doodles.
Errata will be released on a limited edition cassette, and accompanies edition #7 of the mighty Timglaset, a bilingual (Swedish / English) 44-page full colour zine containing art by Lina Nordenström and Robin Tomens, writing by Malcolm Green, poetry by John M Bennett and Anthony Etherin, and much more. The theme for Timglaset #7 is Errata: Failed experiments that nevertheless turned out interesting / Work that contains conscious errors or glitches. Work that has errors, glitches or mistakes as their subject matter, or other interpretations of the theme