Vic Godard

Mums' Revenge

Gnu Inc

Released: 31st March 2019

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mums’ revenge (please note the placement of the apostrophe – it is the revenge of all
mums everywhere) – RELEASE DATE - Mother’s Day, 31st March 2019

Vic sez:
"I started recording mums' revenge in summer 2016. Dave Morgan (The Rockingbirds, ATV, The Weather Prophets) had just joined the Subway Sect as our latest drummer and had a studio in his front room in St Albans. Over the next two and a half years we gradually did more and more tracks until we had more than enough for a record. I played all the instruments while Dave did the drums, percussion and recording. I was happy with my bass lines but not my bass playing which was all attack and no finesse.
Luckily Ruth Tidmarsh was on hand and is a superb bassist and fine singer. Dave had
already alerted me to her skills as a photographer but as a three piece Sect we were all
in the same zone musically, which is a must when you have a tight budget. So Ruth
played my bass lines but in a more musicianly way (ie. no horrid buzzy noises). It was
an altogether happier experience than most recording set-ups. No outside interference
meant we could do just as we wished and we had lots of voices other than mine in the
final mix - which we had hoped for from the outset. We were helped out by Helen
McCookerybook, Simon Rivers and Neil Palmer from the Bitter Springs/Oldfield Youth
Club, Davy Henderson, Jock Scot and Gareth Sager, and Subo from Asbo Derek."