Cardi B

Invasion Of Privacy


Released: 7th December 2018

2018's breakout, tearaway rap tour-de-force finally lands her tome on a physical release. Emerging a couple of years ago from a background of strip clubs and underground rap, Cardi B's ascent has been meteoric and even more so as she refuses to dumb down, clean up or gloss over the reality of her life. Invasion Of Privacy is the perfect mix of bravado, killer bass-heavy, minimal production and a breathtaking, audacious flow from Cardi.

Unlike a lot of rappers, Cardi's sound hasn't evolved into chart-friendly pop bangers, instead she's taken everyone with her. On opener Get Up 10 we get a quick rundown of Cardi's tenacity, sprayed over an expert trap beat before Drip brings in Migos and a distinctly south USA hip hop feel complete with creepy synth line. Single Bodak Yellow is a total, absolute triumph, a cuss track that takes aim at everyone who basically isn't Cardi. It's a crew track that makes you desperate to be in hers, pure fire framed by a production that holds back for just about the right amount of time that the kick feels like an orgasm coming in. It's swiftly followed by a tender moment, at least as rendered by Cardi, on Be Careful, which skewers every fuckboy archetype in history. The chorus is so bittersweet it'll break the heart of anyone who's ever been on the underside of love. On I Like It, latin music samples power the party while Thru Your Power manages to sum up the modern anxiety of romances played out through networked technology.

Invasion Of Privacy manages to combine a naked anger that courses through Cardi's work with a vulnerability that gives the whole power. Serious staff favourite here and one of the hip hop albums of the year.