Lola In Slacks

Postscript In Blue


Released: 8th March 2019

There’s somewhat of a sense of mystery around Lola in Slacks. Imagine a voice that effortlessly fuses Marianne Faithfull and Eartha Kitt, fronting a crack band with the sexy garage swagger of The Velvet Underground and the bold confidence and freedom of Tim Buckley. This ambitious, literate outfit has already made an instant impact with a series of heart-stopping performances around Glasgow.

Produced by Gordon Keen, (BMX Bandits, Captain America & Eugenius), ‘Postscript in Blue’ encapsulates everything that makes this cult Glasgow outfit so special, combining Gainsbourg-esque cinematic drama with haunting guitar atmospherics, rippling piano and Reid’s compelling vocals. Flip the single over for the equally impressive ‘Little Vandal’, which continues the expansive cinematic feel, underpinned by a rolling bassline and evocative twanging guitar.