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Les Rallizes Denudes

France Demos

Take It Acid Is Records

Released: 16th October 2020

The legendary France demos from the best band that never released a record. How many versions of Strung Out Deeper Than The Night do you need? All of them. All. Of. Them. The I Will Follow bassline pummelled into a third of the tempo, blown up, stretched out, strung out, lithe, blistering, flaking off, like the deepest Crazy Horse jam but in hell hooked up into some eternal consciousness set free by the sort of distortion a guitar can make when it is truly liberated. The mysterious Takashi Mitzutani helmed Les Rallizes with a guitar style that let's be frank Keiji Haino based a lot of his work on, picking up groups on ill-fated tours that he would just blast away with his axe anyway. The Last One from France Demos takes the same chord change as Neil Young's Cowgirl In The Sand and plays it for 22 glorious, fractured, paint-stripped minutes that feels like bleach laced with ecstasy being poured into your ears. An Awful Eternity, which takes up the whole of Side B, feels more like a Velvets elongated, harmolodic jam that predates Acid Mothers Temple by a decade: a drawn out, trancey groove peppered with gongs or at least super-long decayed cymbal clashes fighting waves of feedback and a guitar lick that could have been ripped from the 13th Floor Elevators and then hammered out into, well, an awful eternity. No other band quite match Les Rallizes intensity.