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Medicine b/w Gensis Fatigue

Domestic Departure

Released: 3rd February 2021

7"£9.99 Buy Now In Stock. Dispatched on Monday.

Jason / vocals + guitar
Erika / bass + vocals
Janie / drums

Ahhh this is the stuff. Collate are a Portland-based group that synthesize a razor sharp, taut Wire-esque, Devo-tian post-punk injected with the 2000s chaos of groups like Erase Eratta and the slew of questioning kids that tore apart pre-conceptions of punk or whatever we were calling it at the time. Collate also share a member with previous faves All Hits though perhaps this group is far more tense, all anxious Coneheads ferocity and punk funk bleeding Gatorade but like if it was even more of an energy drink full of even more caffeine. Is it full of caffeine?

Anyway this is a blinder of a 7". The thing that I keep getting hooked on is the metronomic bass, a steady as she goes elastic snake that everything else hangs on. It's a little like when ESG have the spineline tying the funk together, except with Collate the guitar is is shards upon shards of brittle high-freq freakiness slashing and fizzing wayyyy up in your head. That's the first track Medicine anyway, which thumps along at a just above mid stomp pace. My money is on Genesis Fatigue, with a breakneck cowbell and that circular bassline strangling the vocal into the walls of the mix. It's a scratchy as hell sound, it's the sound of being bashed against a DIY space gig where folks live too but they're not supposed to, it's the high energy sound of the kids reinventing the wheel so it kinds looks a bit like the old wheel and there's a sharp comfort in that. Absolute belter.

All profits will be donated to Portland-based mutual aid groups, including Mutual Aid Alliance Portland, the Fred Hampton Community Clinic (volunteer medical professionals working horizontally to provide free care to all) & Fires Igniting the Spirit (Indigenous-led organizers of runs to bring critical supplies/resources to Indigenous communities).