Traffic Island Sound

All Aboard / First Steps Not Coming

Another Dark Age

Released: 2nd February 2018

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Limited to 100 only.
Wow, a burst of wonky sunshine from down under. Another Dark Age, a micro-label based in the depths of Hackney, releases bafflingly limited 7"s which break into your life and turn everything on its side. Traffic Island Sound's A side is an unbelievably poppy side of lysergic, day-off-huffing-the-good-stuff-at-the-beach, track of ensemble weirdness. Loping along with harmonies sounding like they were blasted out of an opal fruits factory. Un-mistakenly antipodean in its oblique treatment of pop format, we're All Aboard with All Aboard. On the flip, there's an endearing Residents meets 80s Oz cadence, specially on Not Coming, with a metronomic bass synth accompanying what sounds like a troll going through his disposable camera holiday snaps.