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Colin Potter


Polytechnic Youth

Released: 22nd June 2021

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Colin Potter is one of the key players in the 1980s Industrial scene - a composer, sound engineer and Nurse With Wound collaborator, his work his always super intruiging with real glimpses of beauty.

First-time ever vinyl release of this re-mastered album, which first saw the light of day in 1981. Expanded with the addition of some extra tracks which appeared on a compilation around the same time. Coming out on the Polytechnic Youth label, this is an edition of only 300 copies, in a beautiful glossy sleeve with Grafik-Design by Herr Jonathan Coleclough.

This album marked a move away from some of the more song-orientated music made up to then, towards purely instrumental tracks. On the sleeve it is described as ‘rural electronic music’ which was to some extent a reflection of life in a small village in North Yorkshire.

Electronic Sound magazine: 'Potter's ear for the beauty and transcendence to be found in drones is augmented with his skill as a sound designer, further evidenced with the side-and-a-half long piece 'Gas' which starts out Frippertronic-esque and gradually hardens into arpeggiating synths and ragged atonal soloing. Hypnotic, immersive and strange.'