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Dolly Mixture

Demonstration Tapes


Released: 19th February 2021

2xLP - Pink Vinyl£27.99Out of Stock
2xLP Black£27.99 Buy Now In Stock. Dispatched on Monday.

New pressing on limited pink vinyl and black.

Originally released in 1984, bootleg style, Demonstration Tapes is the legendary moment when Dolly Mixture belatedly unleashed the full extent of their brilliance on the world. Probably fair to say that this is not the music that was making 1984 as it was always their misfortune to be slightly out of time, too late to be the best 60s British girl group of all time, too early for C86.

Dolly Mixture were an amazing trio based in London and Cambridge - the three members, Debsey Wykes, Rachel Bor and Hester Smith had a great intuitive rough-edged pop sound, sounded like nothing else when they sung together and had some of the best songs of their generation. For whatever reason they didn't quite fit into that Rough Trade Raincoats world or even its outer realms like Marine Girls. Of their contemporaries they were maybe closest in style to Orange Juice or The Undertones, who they toured with. Paul Weller was a fan, Captain Sensible was a fan, John Peel was a fan. Bob Stanley thinks they had better songs than The Beatles.

Impossible to put into words how great this collection is, it's a completely essential document with beautiful new cover art by Paul Kelly. Dolly Mixture forever.

A1 Dream Come True
A2 Ernie Ball
A3 He’s So Frisky
A4 The Didn't Song
A5 Will He Kiss Me Tonight
A6 Miss Candy Twist
A7 Shonay Shonay
B1 How Come You're Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane?
B2 Side Street Walker
B3 Treasure Hunt
B4 Never Let It Go
B5 Angel-Treads
B6 Welcome To The Perfect Day
B7 Step Close Now
C1 Stareaway
C2 In Your Eyes
C3 Understanding
C4 Never Mind Sundays
C5 Spend Your Wishes
C6 Day By Day
C7 Wave Away
D1 Sorry To Leave You
D2 Winter Seems Fine
D3 Grass Is Greener
D4 Round The Corner
D5 Remember This
D6 Whistling In The Dark