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Trash Kit


Upset The Rhythm

Released: 19th July 2019

Verity Susman of Electrelane guests on several tracks.
TRASH KIT have a wild feel for melody, writing songs that pull at the reins with a spontaneous charm. Having formed the band in 2009, Rachel Aggs, Rachel Horwood and Ros Murray have since become the glowing core of London’s DIY underground. Their music is primal yet thoughtful, affirming yet sincere, drawing on the potential of post-punk and the naturalism of an internal folk music. Although Trash Kit have their forebears in bands like X-Ray Spex, The Ex and The Raincoats, their sound is
very much their own take on facing forwards. Galloping polyrhythms, overlapping sung-spoke lyrics and entwining guitars are all drawn together into a taut unity, sounding willfully alive. Both Rachels tangle their
vocals with each other whilst expressive drumbeats and restless guitar flurries provide the rhythmic drive.
Aggs’ guitar playing is as much informed by African fingerstyle patterns as the percussive attitude of various
no wave shredders. Horwood approaches her drumkit with an untamable freedom, pushing it into the realm
of a vivid lead instrument. Trash Kit's music is full of pauses, woven silence and punctuation too and this is
where Ros Murray and her resonant, soulful bass work finds a perfect home.
In 2010, Trash Kit released their self-titled debut album on Upset The Rhythm, which met with critical
applause. The Sunday Times called it “tumbling, spirited and joyously nimble”, whilst it reminded The
Quietus that “female punk can sound like cocoons cracking open in full fierce sunlight”. Since then Trash Kit
have toured Europe several times, recorded two more 7”s and explored other musical projects as members
of Golden Grrrls, Halo Halo, Sacred Paws and Shopping most notably.
Writing for their new album, entitled ‘Confidence’, started up again in 2012 and saw the band over the last
two years recording sets of songs at DIY recording hub Sound Savers with Mark Jasper. When the basket
became full earlier this year, the tracks were then handed over to Canadian musician / sound engineer
Sherry Ostapovitch for mixing, before they were mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control etc).
As a follow up to their exuberant debut album, ‘Confidence’ sticks with the “play it all live” pluck we’ve come
to expect from Trash Kit. There’s a minimal bent, a lyrical directness, an unadorned ethic that all evokes the
sense that the song is being written at the same time as it’s performed. Yet whilst the first album at times felt
too fleeting, its succinct songs flashing by so fast, ‘Confidence’ is startlingly more assured, allowing ideas to
develop, conclusions to be gathered. Tracks like ‘Hair’, ‘Skin’ and ‘Boredom’ embrace dynamics like never
before. Their clatter and chime are complimented through subtler passages of introspection and the
occasional noisy breakdown, with snare and cymbals approaching roar. Ros is joined by her previous
bandmate Verity Susman (of Electrelane) on a few tracks including the adventurous ‘Shyness’ and lead
single ‘Medicine’, lending some fluently inventive saxophone flourishes. It all adds to the heady, sensation of
free-falling through the album. A feeling that the horizon has become broader.