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Jasmine Infiniti

Bxtch Slap

Dark Entries

Released: 5th February 2021

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Brooklyn-based queer nightlife luminary Jasmine Infiniti self-released her debut album, BXTCH SLÄP, in March 2020.

Speaking personally, techno or techno-adjacent music is something that, to me, best exists primarily in big spaces filled with other souls, a pulverising sound wave that melts everyone together in collective, ecstatic symbiosis. It's a way of killing your ego with movement and sweat, listening to this music in a haze. Unfortunately of course, we're unable to do such things at the moment so approaching Brooklynite Jasmine Infiniti's Bxtch Slap as a home/headphone listen means you can tease out the Drexciyan atmospheres in the texture. Of course, movement music is movement music and Infiniti's sound sculpting is second to none, possessing as it does a natural, sweeping grace of its own. It's hard to escape the shadow of classic Detroit techno when careening down the tracks of this monster and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Like the works of Hawtin, Drexciya, Jeff Mills et al. this is music that once taken out of the communal context becomes an inner landscape of mutant forms that become almost trans-human in a way.

A track like However, with its low freq kick carving up space between the ears, feels so gritty and crunchy, all distorted sleekness, that it almost squeezes out the need for the human all together. In fact as a listener you're so taken in by the rhythmic masterplay at work you almost forget you're in the room, stuck in a pandemic, you merge with the machine, become trance, evaporate, ego dying. So maybe Bxtch Slap acheives that goal anyway, no club needed. Love it.

Dark Entries steps forward to present the album remastered and on double vinyl. Over the thirteen disruptive club cuts of BXTCH SLÄP, Jasmine conjures occult rave incantations with sub-tectonic bass and seductive harmonies. Audaciously championing R&B, vogue, and hip-hop sounds, Jasmine Infiniti’s latest collection of techno-hybrid dance tunes is built for the dancefloors of underground nightlife. While SiS, her debut EP, was an ode to queer solidarity, community, and sisterhood, BXTCH SLÄP refines the art of personal myth-building. It is an unflinching and uncompromising album, but it also boasts surprising range, moving briskly between ethereal hardcore house (“HOTT”), anxious dark electro (“SPOOKED”), and certifiable techno bangers (“YES, SIR”, “WELLFAIR”).

Meanwhile album standout “<3” hovers just above 100 BPM, a defiant statement of euphoric sensuality that’s no less gripping for its dramatic deceleration. Closing number “SHONUFF” clocks in at ten and half minutes, but not a second of this acid-laced adrenaline rush feels wasted. BXTCH SLÄP might be suited for the high-impact dancefloor, but this music takes on a new life in the moments we spend between the parties, alone and full of desire. BXTCH SLÄP was mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The sleeve features photography from Guerrilla Davis and hand drawn Infiniti logo designed by Eloise Leigh with a 3-D chrome effect by Sebastian Ortega. Each copy includes a 3-D chrome die-cut sticker. The Queen of Hell is back and her powers are stronger than ever. All hail The Queen!