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Sleaford Mods

Austerity Dogs

Extreme Eating

Released: 30th October 2020

Yellow Vinyl
It's hard to imagine a contemporary music scene now without James Williamson's angry verbosity over Andrew Kearn's sparse, cut-throat beats. Back in 2013 however, many music lovers hadn't yet caught the Seaford Bug, but Austerity Dogs burst out of the Nottingham music scene like a baby alien fully formed. Like much protest-punk of the 80s' reaction to Thatcher's government, it definitely seems that only a right-wing led government can produce, though of course not intentionally, something as angry and radical as Sleaford Mods and on Austerity Dogs they are very, very fierce. Williamson's verse on McFlurry, Welcome To The Club is volcanic, erupting frequently in its own bile. What saves it from being overbearingly angry is that its full of wit and sheer virtuoso wordplay. Austerity Dogs is one of Britain's most important current groups at their finest.