JD Twitch Presents Kreaturen der Nacht


Released: 9th November 2018

JD Twitch has put together a collection of early German post-punk for Strut, spanning 1979-1984.

Kreaturen Der Nacht profiles the early German post-punk scene from 1979 through 1985, a mostly independent and DIY community that was centered around "a handful of clubs" without a "real music industry" presence, according to Gudrun Gut of Malaria!. Other acts that feature on the LP, in addition to Malaria!, include Christiane F (in the form of a JD Twitch edit), Die Haut, Mania D, Exkurs and more. The set, which comes on double vinyl, CD and digital, will also include photos from the period and interviews with artists from the scene.

"The compilation is not designed to tell a definitive story of what was going on in Germany in this era," says Twitch. "It is more an arbitrary collection of records I adore from a specific era with a specific attitude that hopefully together sum up some of the musical undercurrents in Germany at that time."

The package features a host of rare and unseen photos from the period along with extensive interviews with artists including Beate Bartel (Mania D.), Christoph Dreher (Die Haut), Michael Hirsch (P1/E) and Thomas Voburka (Weltklang). All tracks are remastered by The Carvery with artwork by Optimo’s in-house design man Andrew Beltran.