Die Tür Ist Zu


Released: 2nd August 2018

The Die Tür Ist Zu EP is a German language version of some of the
material from Soundtracks for the Blind that also includes unique material, recently released for the first time on vinyl in the USA for Record Store Day 2018, and functions as a limited edition companion piece to Soundtracks For The Blind.
Originally released in Germany on CD only as a between-albums teaser for fans, as well as being an initially cryptic statement regarding the planned but not yet publicly announced end of Swans as a musical unit (the German title phrase translates as "the door is shut"), Die Tür Ist Zu combines recordings from a variety of sources, including live shows and radio sessions. This 2LP version features three sides of music and a 4th side etching w. art by Swans leader Michael Gira.