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The Valves

Better Late...


Released: 16th March 2020

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Better Late... is a collection of rare demos and live tracks from Edinburgh punk/new-wave band The Valves formed in 1976 and disbanded in 1979 after releasing 3 indie singles on Zoom Records and Albion Records.

Side A
1. FOR ADOLFS ONLY – (Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, 21st December 2013)
“Play your single and F*** Off.” Thank you Dundee for that. I think we knocked
this off in 15 minutes. Does it show? Has it lasted? Dave has. He’s still a “1947
Rock ‘n’ Roll hun.”
2. MUM AND DAD – (Southside Studios, Edinburgh, July 1978)
“You pick up bad guys like a magnet picks up tin.” Say no more.
3. SISTER RADIO – (Regent Sound, London, 1978)
A pop hit and it would sound great on the radio. Do you still remember radios?
4. I DON’T WANNA EAT YOU – (Southside Studios, Edinburgh, July 1978)
“To your old Martello Heights.” is a reference to Martello Court, Muirhouse,
Edinburgh. A 23-storey block. This is the earliest recording here and this will be
new to you (as it was to us when we found the tape). You can see how we were
labelled with the Feelgoods, can’t you?
5. WEST END CLUB – (Maida Vale, London, 1978)
The West End Club was on Princes Street, Edinburgh, entrance next to Watches
of Switzerland. We played there. We got free pies. It got closed down when the
fighting became too much.
6. SO STUCK UP – (REL, Edinburgh, 1978)
Wordplay, wordplay. “A picture, on a poster, on a hoarding, on a screen.” It’s all
there. Our entry to the 1978 Fastest Song Contest.
7. FAB FRONT LOADER – (REL, Edinburgh, 1978)
“Walking in the street she was moving like a washing machine.” A washing
machine? Really? And it’s still the fans’ favourite. Must be that killer riff.

Side B
1. DIANA BARRYMORE – (Maida Vale, London, 1978)
“I been wondering since 74.” Who is she? Well, if you know your New York Dolls,
- Too Much Too Soon.
2. ANYTIME – (Regent Sound, London, 1978)
Probably the greatest song that Graham Parker never wrote.
3. WALK DON’T WALK – (Maida Vale, London, 1978)
The contradiction, make up your mind, what do you want? “So much time and
soapy bubble.” Tell me about it.
4. ROBOT LOVE – (Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, 21st December 2013)
Does Humor Belong In Music? Well Uncle Frank, we certainly think so. “I’ll take
you to the moon. I’ll take you to the sunny.” We included this as it, above all else,
shows how not to take yourself too seriously. And see below...
5. HAIRCUTS FROM MARS – (Regent Sound, London, 1978)
A mashup before mashups were invented. “Hey Jim! How d’you spell haircut Jim?
a spanner, a bolt, a washer and a nut. That’s the way I spell haircut. Right on!” We
still hope to sell this to Silvikrin or some shit other excellent hair-product brand.
6. LINDA VINDALOO – (Jackson Studios, Rickmansworth, 1978. Remix Doug Ring)
Paired with the Power-Pop of ‘It Don’t Mean Nothing At All’ as the last single.
Should’ve been the A-side? A toss of the coin. The VALVES chill-out for the kids,
7. AIN’T NO SURF IN PORTOBELLO – (Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, 21st December
Portobello, the Edinburgh beach resort. This is the Caterwauling Version. Ain’t
no surf? Never a truer word. Jan and Dean meet on Bath Street on their way
down to Fun City amusement park, now gone. The sewage works is still there
though. Still. No. Surf.