Poor Things / Pinact / Sharptooth / Halfrican


Gerry Loves Records

Released: 22nd June 2015

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Hand-numbered 7" limited to 300.
Featuring 4 bands on the Central Scotland's gigging frontline, Gerry Loves Records' split is 4 slabs of fun. Based in Edinburgh, the label introduce the set with Poor Things, a power-pop chunk of early Teenage Fanclub-esque distorted guitars and melodicism. Pinact aren't a million miles away, with a slightly more American influence and a gorgeous slab of melancholy. SHARPTOOTH ramp up the angularity, with rolling tom-heavy drums and angered vocals which remind us of early Babes In Toyland. Local Glasgow toe-rags Halfrican bring the rawkus garage rock, with a snot-nosed singer being downright rude with a Black Lips destroying the Rolling Stones swagger.