Spare Snare



Released: 8th September 2017

A welcome return from Dundee's finest. Spare Snare might have been caught up in the "lo fi" tumult of the mid 90s but since then they've blossomed into something of a national treasure. While the levels are still in the red, there's a maturity and adventurous confidence to the songwriting that is thrilling. Reminding us somewhat of Wire, with terse song structures giving way to and experimentation, there's several points during Unicorn that are thrilling, aural pleasures to behold. Opener Hope You Never Go stomps with a frayed acoustic guitar and massive sounding drums and a hooked-up-to-the-nines chorus. Work I Am follows with upbeat dynamics and the sort of lyrical wit that vocalist Jan Burnett should get a national poetry award for. There's still emotive shifts through the album, with bass-heavy Loving Life sounding like a more lyrical Shellac definitely not loving life.