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Jacob Yates And The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers

The Gospel According To The Selfish Gene

Va Va Voom

Released: 8th July 2016

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The Gospel According to the Selfish Gene is the first single from the forthcoming album Goths!!! by Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers.

The Glasgow based band comprise of a number of members with previous; front man Jacob Lovatt burned with Uncle John and Whitelock while Cassie Ezeji fronts the infectious Golden Teacher. On this single and on 'Goths!!!' the band deliver Lovatt's special brew of horror and loss with influences from unexpected corners. Uncomfortable truths are set to dub, personal tragedy is told through folk with dark billowing rhythms. The Gospel According to the Selfish Gene is a life affirming rail against blind acceptance, a secular Gospel anthem. On the flipside Cassie Ezeji delivers heartbreak on the Lovatt penned 'The Tigris' a nightmare song of loss set in a place that has lost so much. Life is chaotic, dark and unpleasant, the lyrics and music don't shy from this awful truth. Is there any hope? This is for you to decide.